Plastic Metal Ceramic W - 500gm Kit

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  • Excellent wear protection and abrasion resistance.
  • Pasty, mineral-filled epoxy that is non-sag and can be spread with a spatula.
  • Strong chemical resistance. Temperature resistant to 200°C (continuous).
  • Well suited for lining heavily stressed parts and as wear protection for various surfaces.

Our Plastic Metal Ceramic W is a high-performance epoxy compound made from mineral filled epoxy resin. It is white in colour and is often selected for use as a bonding agent or coating to protect parts from abrasion in demanding environments.

Ceramic W Plastic Metal is a two-part epoxy that is easy to use. Simply combine the two parts and mix thoroughly. The mixed epoxy will have a pasty consistency that lets you apply it with a spatula. It is non-sag and non-drip and be applied overhead if required.

Pot life for a 500gm batch is about 2 hours (at 20°C) which provides a good amount of time for application. After around 6 hours, Ceramic W will have achieved 35% of its’ final strength and it is at this point additional layers can be applied if needed. Full cure will take around 24 hours.

Once it is cured, this wear protection epoxy will have formed a strong, tough and resilient coating. Tensile strength is 65 MPa and compressive strength is 89 MPa. Plastic Metal Ceramic W is electrically insulating and non-magnetic.

Ceramic W can withstand continuous exposure to temperatures between -35°C and 200°C. It will also tolerance short-term spikes to 260°C.

Complete technical parameters, chemical resistance and instructions for use are available on the TDS for this plastic metal.

Applications for Plastic Metal Ceramic W.

Weicon Ceramic W is suited for the bonding or lining of aluminium oxide stones in mill construction, for the lining of heavily stressed pump housings, as wear protection for slide bearings, slides and pipes and wherever darker products are not desired for optical reasons.

Ceramic W is also used in machine and system construction, mill construction, apparatus engineering, and in many other industrial applications.

Basis Mineral Filled Epoxy Resin
Mix Ratio 100 : 33 (Resin / Hardener)
Density of the Mixture 1.6 g/cm³
Viscosity of the Mixture 600,000 MPa
Colour White
Maximum Layer Thickness 10mm (per application)
Mechanical Strength (50% of Final) 9 Hours (when curing at 20°C)
Final Strength 24 Hours (when curing at 20°C)
Compressive Strength 89 MPa (DIN EN ISO 604)
Bending Strength 10 MPa (DIN EN ISO 178)
e-Modul (tensile) 8,000 - 8,400 MPa (DIN EN ISO 527-2)
Shore Hardness 87 Shore D (+/-3) (DIN ISO 7619)
Shrinkage During Cure 0.12%
Continuous Temperature Rating -35°C to +200°C
Thermal Conductivity 0.7 W/m·K (DIN EN ISO 22007-4)
ISSA Reference Number 75.509.26 (500gm) / 75.509.27 (2kg)
IMPA Reference Number 81 29 41 (500gm) / 81 29 42 (2kg)
SKU SWM000294B01V0002
Model # 10460005
Brand Weicon