Epoxy Casting Resin MS 1000 200gm Kit - Pure, Pourable Casting and Coating Epoxy

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  • 2 Part, Unfilled Epoxy Resin that can be poured or moulded or applied as a coating.
  • Transparent in colour though it can be filled various fabrics, fibres or powder fillers to change its appearance and behaviour.
  • Versatile, liquid epoxy resin which cures with very little shrinkage, bonds to most surfaces and can be poured up to 10mm deep per curing cycle.

Applications for Epoxy Casting Resin

  • Making moulded epoxy parts and components.
  • Surface coating.
  • Filling gaps and voids around support posts.
  • Filling gaps in electrical insulation and in electrical components.
  • Covering gaps.
  • In all kinds of model making applications.
  • Making repairs to tools and components.
  • General repairs to boats and watercraft.
  • General repairs and gap filling for workshops and facilities.

Epoxy Casting Resin MS 1000 is a high quality, German-made, epoxy resin that can be used for all kinds of casting, moulding, coating and filling work. This two-part epoxy is quite liquid in nature which allows it to be poured. It is made from unfilled epoxy resin and is mainly transparent with a slight, yellow-ish, inherent colour once it’s cured.

This versatile epoxy resin can be used in several ways. Depending on the application you can make it without fillers, or add other substances and materials to change its properties. Adding fabric or fibre for reinforcement, or powders for colouring or other special purposes, are all common occurrences.

Epoxy Casting Resin will bond to most types of materials including wood, metal, epoxy sheet, fibreglass, most plastics, stone, concrete, glass and ceramics. It will also withstand many chemicals (a resistance table is included on the TDS).

This two-part epoxy has a mix ratio of 10:2 though extra space has been left in the resin container so all the activator can be added (which eliminates the need for measuring if using the whole kit at once). Once it is mixed, pot life is around 20 minutes and it will reach 50% of its final strength after 24 hours. Full cure will take about 36 hours though these figures depend on curing quantity and conditions (the listed figures were measured at 20°C).

Epoxy Casting Resin cures with very little shrinkage (0.2%) and forms a solid, hard epoxy that has very good strength characteristics. It will withstand temperatures between -35°C and +120°C and has very low thermal conductivity. Because it is an epoxy resin, MS 1000 has excellent electrical properties. Dielectric Strength is 14 kV/mm.

Colour (After Curing) Transparent with a slight inherent colouring
Continuous Operating Temperature -35°C to 120°C
Basis Unfilled Epoxy Resin
Mix Ratio 10:2 (Resin to Hardener)
Pot Life for 200gm of Material @ 20°C 20 Minutes
Viscosity of the Mixture 1,300 MPa
Curing Temperature +6°C to +40°C
Maximum Layer Thickness (Per Application) 10mm
Mechanical Strength (50% of Final) 24 Hours (When Curing At 20°C)
Final Strength (100% Cured) 36 Hours (When Curing At 20°C)
Mean Compressive Strength @ 25°C 60 MPa (DIN 53281-83)
Mean Tensile Strength @ 25°C 25 MPa (DIN 53281-83)
Mean Flexural Strength @ 25°C 285 MPa (DIN 53281-83)
Strength E-Modul @ 25°C 17,000 - 18,000 MPa (DIN 53281-83)
Shore Hardness @ 25°C 65 Shore D
Shrinkage While Curing 0.2%
Thermoforming Resistance +50°C
Electrical Resistance 1015 Ω/cm (IEC 60.093)
Dielectric Strength 14 kV/mm (IEC 60.243)
Thermal Conductivity 0.2 W/m·K (ISO 8894-2)
IMPA Reference 81 29 85
ISSA Reference 75.509.36

For more technical details, information on how to use this epoxy, and a chemical compatability table, please refer to the Technical Data Sheet on our Epoxy Casting Resin MS 1000 located on the media tab. Copies of the Safety Data Sheets for both the resin and the hardener are also located there.

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Brand Weicon

I’m going to be moulding with this, what should I use as a release agent?

There’s a few options. Our general suggestion is to use one of the Weicon Mould Release Agents such as Mould Release Spray, Mould Release Agent Liquid F 1000 or Mould Release Agent Wax as these have been tested. Other release agents may be suitable though but we do suggest conducting a test with a small amount of resin first just to be certain.

Is there any way to speed up the curing times?

Yes. Epoxies will cure faster in warmer conditions. If you mix 200 grams or Epoxy Casting Resin and leave to cure at 20°C it will be 100% cured in about 36 hours. If you can cure in warmer conditions, this will be accelerated. A good rule of thumb is that every 10°C increase in temperatures will halve the cure time.

Are other sizes available?

Not as standard, no. If you do require a custom size container of Casting Resin MS 1000 please do let us know though as we may be able to arrange something with Weicon.

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