Rust Shock Spray - 400ml

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  • Engineered to break the bonds of rusted bolts, fasteners and threaded joints.
  • Penetrates into the rust, freezes it and allows for easy disassembly.
  • Free of silicone, grease and mineral oils.

Rust Shock Spray is a specially designed release agent. This spray is used on all kinds of rusted bolts, screws, fasteners and threaded connections. It is sprayed directly onto the rusted part where it penetrates down into the connection to chill the rust crystals. This neutralises the connection between the rust layers and makes undoing the fastener easy.

Rust Shock Spray is manufactured by Weicon in Germany and is designed to work fast. This chemical wrench chills the parts causing a slight amount of shrinkage. Then, using its high capillary effect, it penetrates the tight spaces between bolts and nut to break down the corrosion. All of this happens in seconds, making work fast and simple.

Our Rust Shock Spray is made without any mineral oils, greases or silicone and leaves behind no residue or trace on sprayed surfaces. Parts that have been treated with Rust Shock can be painted over a few minutes after use if desired.

This high-quality spray is widely used around the world in all kinds of industries and areas. Typical examples cover everything from backyards and garages to the marine and oil sectors. Really, anywhere you find rusted connections that need to be undone, Rust Shock has a use.

Colour Blue
Scent Solvent
Minimum Shelf-Life  12 Months
IMPA Reference 45 08 22
ISSA Reference 53.402.10
SKU SWM000179B01V0001
Model # 11151400
Brand Weicon