W44T Multi-Spray - Penetrating Lubricant and Multi-Functional Oil - 400ml

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  • Lubrication, Penetration, Cleaning, Water-Displacement, Corrosion Protection and Preservation combined into one spray.
  • Outstanding creep characteristics allows W 44 T to penetrate the tightest gaps and fittings
  • Lubricating power effectively reduces friction, eliminates squeaks and eases movement while also loosening seized connections, dissolving rust, dispelling moisture and cleaning soiled surfaces

Weicon W44T Multi-Spray is a professional-grade penetrating lubricant with exceptional versatility and performance. This spray is used for cleaning, lubrication, corrosion protection, water-displacement preservation and more. Because of this all-round versatility W44T is widely used in households, trades, industrial and commercial environments around the world.

W44T Multi-Spray is manufactured in Germany by Weicon. This spray has a very slight, yellowish colour and lets off a vanilla-like smell when it is being used. W44T will withstand temperatures between -50°C and +210°C.

The sections below expand on this high quality spray and explain some of its capabilties for particular areas of use.

W44T as a Penetrating Lubricant.

W44T has exceptional creep properties which allow it to penetrate and lubricate tight fittings and spaces. It will effectively penetrate threaded connections, door guides, locks, hinges, bearings and all kinds of joints and couplings. Once it does, its water-displacement powers will dispel any moisture that was present. W44T will leave behind a long-lasting, thin, transparent film which helps keep the fitting or surface lubricated, clean and protected from moisture and corrosion.

W44T as a Cleaning Spray.

W44T is a very good cleaning agent and can be a good choice for cleaning tight spaces or small crevices where its creep properties are of benefit. Typically, W44T is used to clean metal surfaces but we have seen it used effectively to clean things as diverse as white boards (marked with permanent marker), concrete factory floors, epoxy sheets and rubber.

Surfaces, tools or components cleaned with W 44 T will be left with aa thin, transparent film that does not smear, stick or attract dust. This not only helps keep these items clean, it protects and preserves them as well.

W44T for Corrosion Protection.

The thin film that W44T Multi-Spray creates on treated parts and surfaces helps protect them from moisture and corrosion. This film is very long lasting which makes a spray with W44T after use a great way to preserve seldom-used tools, parts and fittings.

W44T for Water-Displacement.

W44T Multi-Spray has excellent water-displacement properties. Combined with its ability to penetrate tight spaces, this allows it to be used to remove and displace moisture from close fitting parts like locks, hinges bearings and couplings. W44T is also widely used to dispel moisture from electrical contacts, prevent tracking currents and to ease the starting of wet or damp motors.

W44T as a Preservation Agent.

Parts and surfaces treated with W44T will be preserved by the thin, long lasting film this spray leaves behind. This film protects them from moisture and corrosion and prevents them from sticking. It does not smear or attract dust. 

Applications for W44T Multi-Spray.

Because of the multiple capabilities offered by this spray, the number of potential applications for W44T is almost endless. Rather than list each and every one we’ve found, seen or heard about, the list below is just a summary of the many, many more that have been found.

  • Loosening seized bolts, fittings, threads and valves.
  • Penetrating and dissolving rust from parts and components.
  • Dispelling moisture from electrical contacts.
  • Lubricating and eliminating squeaking noises on hinges, guides, bearings and all types of joints and couplings.
  • Dispelling moisture from locks and protecting them from corrosion.
  • Cleaning metal surfaces and components.
  • Cleaning door tracks and fittings.
  • Preserving and protecting tools, machines and precision devices.
  • Lubricating fast moving machine parts.
  • Easing the start-up of wet or damp motors.
  • General workshop cleaning, preservation and lubrication work.
  • Lubrication, cleaning and moisture-eradication for electrical devices and components.
  • Lubrication and corrosion protection in the marine industry.
Colour Yellow(ish)
Scent Vanilla
Temperature Rating -50°C to +210°C
Minimum Shelf-Life  24 Months
IMPA 45 08 21
ISSA 53.402.11
SKU SWM000122B01
Brand Weicon

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