Wrap Around Heat Shrink - 50mm to 10mm, 1 Metre Length

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  • Heavy wall with a thick layer of hot melt adhesive.
  • Supplied with a set of stainless-steel fastener rails for holding in place before heating.
  • High shrink ratio for easy installation and maximum versatility.
  • Easy to cut to length if required.

Our Wrap Around Heat Shrink sleeves are a popular option for repairing cables up to 1kV. They are also used for the insulation of cable joints and for the repair / protection of non-pressurised pipes. All our Wrap Around Heat Shrink sizes are black in colour and feature high shrink ratios that ensures they are a viable option for fitting around junctions and irregular shaped joins.

More information on the various attributes of these quality heat shrink sleeves is provided in the sections below:

Complete Kit with Fasteners and Sleeve.

These quality heat shrink kits each contain the sleeve itself as well as a set of stainless steel fasteners that are used to clamp the sleeve in place prior to heating.

The sleeve itself is packaged with a peel-off protective layer on the hot melt adhesive to prevent contamination. The whole kit is supplied in a poly bag for transport and storage.

Excellent Environmental Resistance.

Our Wrap Around Heat Shrink kits have good resistance to many forms of media and environmental influences. They are UV stabilised and suitable for use indoor or outdoors. The thick layer of hot melt adhesive also effective seals against water and moisture to protect wrapped components.

They are resistance to copper corrosion, fungus and many different chemicals and have been tested in accordance with various standards in these aspects (see the Specifications tab for more info).

Our Wrap Around Heat Shrink Sleeves will withstand continuous exposure to temperatures between -40°C and +100°C.

Electrical Properties.

These heat shrink sleeves are used for cable repairs in applications up to 1kV. Tested in accordance with ASTM standards, they have a dielectric strength of 12kV/mm and a volume resistance rating of 1014 Ohm/cm.

Physical Properties.

One of the most critical properties of these sleeves is their high shrink ratio. This varies slightly from size to size. Each is list in the table below:

Wrap Around Sleeve Diamter
As Supplied
Shrinks To (Maximum)
50mm 10mm
75mm 22mm
100mm 30mm
140mm 38mm
190mm 55mm

Longitudinal change at maximum shrink will be about 10%.

In addition to this high shrink rate, these sleeves are tough and long lasting. They have a tensile strength of 160kgf/cm² and an elongation at break of 200%.

After being subjected to an accelerated aging test (150°C to 168 hours), tensile strength was found to be >125kgf/cm² while the elongation at break dropped to 150%.

Specification Value Standard
Continuous Operating Temperature -40°C to +100°C IEC 216
Dielectric Strength >12 kV/mm ASTM D-149
Volume Resistance 1014 Ohm/cm ASTM D-257
Tensile Strength 160kgf/cm² ISO R527
Maximum Elongation 200% ISO R527
Accelerated Aging Conditions 150°C for 168 Hours ISO 188
Tensile Strength afer Aging >125kgf/cm² ISO 188
Elongation after Aging 150% ASTM-D-638
Fungus Resistance Rate 1 ISO 846 Method A
Copper Corrosion Conform ASTM-D-2671
Chemical Resistance Conform ISO 175
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