3M Scotch Mount Double Sided Foam Tape - 3.2mm Thick x 12mm Wide x 33Mtrs (#4008)

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  • Very high adhesive strength double sided foam tape
  • Highly conformable urethane foam backing increases surface contact
  • Long lasting and compatible with a wide range of surfaces and materials

3M Scotch-Mount Double Sided Foam Tape is a high strength, long lasting grade of double sided adhesive urethane foam tape manufactured by 3M. Available from Swift in 3 different thicknesses and a selection of widths, this high quality tape is manufactured from a urethane foam backing coated on both sides with a specialised acrylic adhesive.

The urethane foam backing material used for 3M Scotch-Mount 4000 Series tapes is highly conformable and ensures excellent surface contact even when applied to rough or uneven surfaces. This helps distribute the bonding area available and thus increases adhesive strength, holding power and the distribution of stress across the whole bond surface.
The acrylic adhesive (3M Adhesive 100) is a firm pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive that exhibits high bond strength and very high shear holding power. The bond strength, in fact, only increases over time.

3M Scotch-Mount tapes are very easy to work with and apply and are supplied with an easy release liner on one side. They withstand occasional exposure to most solvents and can be used indoors or outdoors. Please do note, UV can have a yellowing effect on the tape. This does not impact performance.

3M™, Scotch™ and Scotch-Mount™ are trademarks of 3M.

Applications for 3M ScotchMount Foam Mounting Tapes.

  • Mounting interior signs, nameplates and small objects
  • Bonding acoustic panels to walls
  • Attaching clips and cable mounts
  • Sign mounting and construction
  • Mounting bathroom fixtures (e.g. soap dispensers, mirrors)
  • Mounting electrical insulation and conduits
  • Model making and craft
Colour White
Adhesive Type Acrylic, Pressure Sensitive Adhesive
Backing Material Polyurethane Foam
Liner Green Plaid
Continuous Temperature Rating 104°C
Maximum Short-Term Temperature 193°C
Minimum Tape Application Temperature -15°C
Dynamic Shear Adhesion (24 Hours) 413 kPA
Static Shear Strength
Measured at various temperatures and loadings (1/2” square overlap)
0.8mm Thick (4032) 2,000gms at 22°C 1,500gms at 49°C 1,050gms at 93°C
1.6mm Thick (4016) 1,500gms at 22°C 1,000gms at 49°C 750gms at 93°C
3.2mm Thick (4008) 1,000gms at 22°C 500gms at 49°C 250gms at 93°C
SKU SWM000088P01-3.2
Brand 3M

Are other lengths available?

We’re working on this at the moment actually and will hopefully be able to update this answer very, very soon. These new widths will be shorter as the tape is not manufactured in longer rolls than those we already offer.