PTFE Fluid Spray – Dry Lubricant, NSF Approved - 400ml

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  • Powerful lubricating spray with a strong, anti-adhesive effect.
  • NSF H2 Approved for use in foodstuffs sector (no contact with food).
  • High percentage of PTFE for reduced friction.
  • Grease-free and adheres to all metal, plastic and wooden surfaces for lasting lubrication.

Our PTFE Fluid Spray is a special, powerful lubricating film. This lubricant spray is registered as an NSF H2 Lubricant which allows it to be used in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical sectors in applications where no direct contact with food is possible.

Like our standard PTFE Spray, our PTFE Fluid Spray is a dry film lubricant with a high percentage of PTFE for outstanding lubrication of treated surfaces. This easy to use spray is has several benefits and features; expanded on below:

Dry Film, Lasting Lubricant.

PTFE Spray is completely grease free so it does not leave behind any messy, oil residues. Once applied, it will dry to form a thin PTFE film with very good anti-adhesive, low friction and lubrication properties.

The film bonds well to surfaces and resists displacement for long-lasting lubrication.

Adheres to All Surfaces.

Weicon PTFE Fluid Spray can be used on all kinds of metal, plastic and wooden surfaces. It bonds well to these materials and provides a lasting lubrication effect.

Excellent Lubrication and Anti-Adhesive Properties.

Engineered and manufactured by Weicon in Germany, our PTFE Fluid Spray is made with a very high percentage of PTFE. Once dry, the PTFE film created by this spray is extremely slippery and resists bonding from all kinds of adhesives.

The low friction surface created is ideal for reducing wear and increasing ease of movement for parts and objects.  

NSF H2 Approved.

PTFE Fluid Spray has been approved as a NSF H2 Lubrication Spray. This allows it to be used in a variety of applications in the food, beverage, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries where direct contact with food is not possible.

Good Environmental Resistance.

This dry film lubricating spray creates an anti-adhesive layer that is exceptionally resistant to degradation. It repels dirt, dust and water and is highly resistant to oils, greases and many chemicals.

Once dry, PTFE Fluid Spray will withstand temperatures between -180°C and +260°C.

Common Application for PTFE Fluid Spray.

This NSF lubricating spray is widely used for permanent lubrication in many different industrial areas around the world. Common examples include:

  • Lubrication of sliding and running rails and guides in assembly lines and on conveyor belts.
  • Transport roller and slide lubrication.
  • Easing movement of tilt mechanisms, locks and hinges.
  • On cutting tools and packaging machines.
  • Lubricating plastic shafts in plastic bearings.
  • As a coating for solid seals.
  • As an assembly aid for seal packs.
Colour (as applied) White(ish) / Transparent
Odour Almost Odourless
Temperature Resistance -180°C to +260°C
Minimum Shelf Life 24 Months
SKU SWM000292B01V0001
Model # 11301400
Brand Weicon