PTFE Spray - Dry Film Lubricant - 400ml

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  • Enhanced, long lasting lubrication for a wide range of materials and surfaces
  • Dry lubricant that won’t attract dust, dirt or oil
  • Creates a water-proof, anti-corrosion layer and is simple to use and very effective at reducing friction and wear

Weicon PTFE Spray is a professional-grade, high-quality lubricating spray able to be used in a variety of applications. This is a grease-free, dry lubricating spray that creates a film with strong anti-adhesive and very low friction properties. The result is the creation of a barrier that effectively resists dirt, dust, water, oils, greases, corrosion and many chemicals whilst simultaneously reducing friction, wear and the potential for adhesion.

Manufactured from a special formulation based on polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) in Germany, PTFE Spray adheres to and works well with many different types of materials. These include metal, plastic, wood and most types of rubber.

Weicon PTFE Spray, often referred to as "Teflon Spray", is made using a high PTFE content which enables it to provide superior protection, lubrication and performance. For this reason, Weicon PTFE Spray is trusted around the world and in many different industries for reducing wear and protecting all kinds of different parts, surfaces, tools and mechanisms (many of which are listed below).

PTFE Spray is very simple to use and long lasting. Full instructions are provided on the TDS for this spray (located on the media tab) but they can be summarised as clean, shake and spray. PTFE Spray will be dust-dry approximately 10 minutes after you apply it and, once dried will withstand temperatures between -180°C and +250°C. The spray and the coating it creates will have a white-ish colour.

Applications for PTFE Spray

  • Protecting and preserving power tools and equipment
  • Reducing friction and wear on saw blades and drill bits
  • Lubricating and protecting door and window tracks
  • Reducing friction on slides, guide rails and guides
  • Lubricating conveyor belts and rollers
  • Lubricating hinges and reducing friction
  • Aiding assembly and protecting pipes and hoists
  • Lubrication for valves
  • Lubrication agent for shafts in plastic bearings
  • Lubricating water-proofing locks and doors
  • As a release agent for moulds
  • As a water-proof layer for paper seals, cork seals and seal packaging
  • Many other lubricating and protecting application where oil, silicone or grease lubrication is not permitted or desired.
Colour White
Scent Solvent
Temperature Range -180°C to +250°C
Minimum Shelf-Life  24 Months
IMPA 45 08 05
ISSA 53.402.13
SKU SWM000116B01V0001
Model # 11300400
Brand Weicon