AllPax Gasket Cutter Systems - Light Duty

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AllPax Gasket Cutter System - Light Duty - 0.25-6" - AX2010
Compact gasket cutting system for gaskets up to 152mm OD
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  • Extension style gasket cutter for cutting round gaskets.
  • Made in the USA using high quality materials for long lasting performance.
  • Works with a variety of materials including cork, rubber, fibre, sponge and more.
  • Phenolic Cutting Block with Dual Metric / Imperial Cutting Indicator, Self-Healing Cutting Board, Specialised Blades and More.

Allpax Gasket Cutter Kits are known for their high quality, ease of use and longevity. Our Light Duty Gasket Cutters are ideal for situations where they will be used for cutting a range of materials on a fairly regular basis but the gasket sizes will be small, up to a maximum of 152mm OD / 6 inches.

These kits offer a good combination of resilience, toughness and versatility while being more economical than the heavy-duty or medium-duty variants. They’re used by all kinds of industries around the world for their ease, reliability and long-lasting performance. Some of their features include:

Everything You Need to Cut Ring Gaskets.

Each AllPax Light Duty Gasket Cutter features:

  • An Phenolic Cutting Block with Size Indicators in both Imperial and Metric.
  • Curved Cutting Blades
  • Lathe Type Blades
  • Rounded Tip Blades
  • Centre Pins in Various Lengths to allow you to cut materials up to 19mm Thick.
  • A Metal Storage Case
  • An 150mm² (6”) Cutting Board.

The Ability to Cut Most Kinds of Gasket Materials.

These ring gasket cutters are made in the USA and are trusted around the world for their consistent, reliable performance. They are fast and simple to setup and very easy to operate. They are also quite versatile and can be used to effectively cut a variety of gasket and sealing materials including:

  • Cork Gasket Sheet.
  • Rubber Sheet (both straight rubber and reinforced grades).
  • Engineering and Industrial Felts.
  • Compressed Non-Asbestos Fibre (CNAF) Gasket Materials.
  • Graphite Gasket Sheet (except those with steel reinforcement).
  • Soft PTFE and Plastic Sealing Sheet.

Cut Smal Gaskets and Washers in a Range of Sizes.

The whole concept of a gasket cutter is based on having the tools needed to product the gasket required, when it’s required. For that to work, you need a gasket cutter that can produce different sized gaskets. Light Duty AllPax Gasket Cutting Tools fit this description.

This tool is able to cut gaskets with an ID as small as 6mm (1/4") and ODs up to 152mm (6"),

SKU SWM000442B01
Brand Allpax

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