Silicone Rubber O Ring Cord 1.5mm Diameter (White, 60 Duro, Per Metre)

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  • Excellent resistance to heat; withstands temperatures between -60°C and +260°C.
  • Very good elasticity and flexibility.
  • Manufactured from a continuous length of extruded silicone rubber made to precise specifications.
  • Used for making high temperature O Rings and Seals.

Silicone Rubber O Ring Cord is usually used for making custom-sized O rings. It is manufactured in accordance with high precision tolerance and extruded into a continuous length of highly flexible, round, silicone rubber cord. Our White Silicone Rubber O Ring Cord has a shore hardness of 60 Duro which allows for good compression of the O Ring (and a reliable seal) at medium levels of compression.

Our White Silicone Rubber O Ring Cord is manufactured in a single, extruded length. The result is a cord with a smooth surface finish that will fit comfortably inside grooves and allow for a good, long lasting seal. Unlike some cords on the market with an obvious join point, our cord contains no structural weaknesses or irregularities in the surface finish which may impede sealing.

Silicone Rubber O Ring Cord is usually selected when temperature may be a concern. Silicone Rubber will typically handle temperatures between -60°C and 260°C and our silicone cord is no exception. In addition to this excellent heat resistance, Silicone Cord also exhibits very good elasticity (up to 300% before breaking) and is highly flexible to make working with it easy.

Silicone O Ring Cord has good chemical resistance and is particularly compatible with hydrocarbon oils, water, animal and vegetable oils, aliphatic hydrocarbon fuels (but not aromatic or halogenated) and alcohols. It also has excellent weatherability, resistance to ozone, ageing and oxidation and electrical strength.

Applications for Silicone O Ring Cord.

Silicone Rubber O Ring Cord is used for the manufacture of Silicone O Rings. These are often used for sealing in static applications. More specifically, you will often find Silicone O Rings used for sealing high temperature fuel injection ports as well as many other high temperature industrial sealing applications.

Colour White
Insertion None
Hardness (ASTM D2240) 60 Shore A (+/- 5) Durometer
Continuous Operating Temperature -60°C to +230°C
Short-Term Operating Temperature 260°C
Brittle Point -80°C
Elongation at Break (ASTM D412) 300%
SKU SWM000342B01
Brand Gaskaseal

What’s the best way to join a Silicone O Ring?

There’s an old myth that refuses to die; the only thing that will stick to silicone is silicone. At some point, that may have been true but with the advent of modern cyanoacrylate adhesives and associated primers, it’s just not true anymore.

Depending on the size we’re talking about, a silicone adhesive such as our black seal or HT 300 may in fact be ideal. But your choices are no longer limited to only these. For smaller diameter O Rings, you may be interested in our VA 8406 Industrial Strength Super Glue combined with our CA Primer. Together, these will create high strength bonds with Silicone O Ring Cord and may be far easier to apply with smaller O Rings.