FlangeKing Gasket Removal & Changing Tool

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  • Heat treated steel blade for separating gaskets and scraping the flange clean.
  • Hook for removing old gaskets and installing new ones.
  • Specially moulded ergonomic handle prevents slipping and increases safety.
  • Nylon carrying sheath included with every tool.

 The FlangeKing™ Gasket Tool is multi-purpose tool designed to make the process of removing and installing gaskets faster, easier and safer. Designed and manufactured in the USA, this tool is designed to withstand the rigours of repeated use in demanding environments.

First in a line of industry-specific products, the FlangeKing™ tool was crafted to make gasket removal and replacement more effective with safety being priority number one. A FlangeKing Gasket Tool combines several features and benefits into one tool. These are expanded on in more detail below:

Heat Treated Steel 3-Sided Scraper Blade.

The blade on the FlangeKing Gasket Removal Tool is manufactured from high quality 4130 heat treated steel.

This blade has 3 edges to allow you or your workers to easily separate the old gasket from the flange or scrape the flange face clean before the new gasket is installed.

Overall blade length is approximately 193mm (7.75 inches) and it has a thickness of 3mm (0.125”).

Hook for Removing Old Gaskets.

The hook at the end of the FlangeKing’s blade is designed to help you remove old gaskets from the flange assembly and assist with placing new ones. This can be especially handy when dealing with ring type gaskets.

No Slip Handle.

The custom moulded handle on the Flange King Gasket Removal Tool is designed to prevent hands from slipping and to protect knuckles from impact. The ergonomic design also helps reduce muscle fatigue from repeated usage.

Imperial Ruler & Bolt Sizing Guide on the Blade.

The blade on the FlangeKing gasket removing tool has been printed with a 7 & ¾” rule scale as well as bolt hole sizes for ½”, 5/8”, ¾”, 7/8” and 1” bolts.

Nylon Carrying Sheath

Each FlangeKing tool is supplied with its’ own Nylon carrying sheath

Blade Heat Treated 4130 Steel
Handle Nylon
Overall Length 336mm
Blade Length 197mm
Blade Width 38mm


SKU SWM000092B01V0001