AllPax Gasket Cutter System - Heavy Duty - 0.25-61" - AX6050

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  • Professional-Grade extension style gasket cutter for cutting round and circular gaskets.
  • Made in the USA using high quality materials for long lasting performance.
  • Works with a variety of materials including cork, rubber, fibre, sponge and more.
  • Premium, Brass Cutting Block, Chrome Plated Steel Extension Bars, Standard and Heavy-Duty Cutting Blades and an engraved, precision scale.

Our Heavy-Duty Gasket Cutter Kits are designed to be easy to use, precise and very long lasting. These professional-grade gasket cutting tools are ideal for cutting round and circular gaskets from a variety of different materials. Each component of the kit has been carefully designed to maximise performance.

Everything You Need to Cut Ring Gaskets.

Each Allpax Heavy Duty Gasket Cutter Kit includes:

  • A Brass Cutter Block with contoured edges that minimise gasket material buckling and bunching (rubber, in particular, can be a bit prone to this) to ensure precision cutting.
  • An easy to read, engraved, precision sliding scale.
  • A sliding, knurled nut that adjusts the cutting radius.
  • Chrome-plated steel extension bars.
  • Hex screw that hold the cutting blade for cutting materials up to 19mm (3/4”) thick.
  • A 450mm² (18”) cutting board that has a textured, non-slip plastic surface that reduces blade friction, minimises breakage and self-heals after each use.
  • A dove-tail designer template.
  • A bolt hole locater template.
  • A centre pin handle.
  • A rugged storage case.

The Ability to Cut Most Kinds of Gasket Materials.

These ring gasket cutters are made in the USA and are trusted around the world for their consistent, reliable performance. They are fast and simple to setup and very easy to operate. They are also quite versatile and can be used to effectively cut a variety of gasket and sealing materials including:

  • Cork Gasket Sheet.
  • Rubber Sheet (both straight rubber and reinforced grades).
  • Engineering and Industrial Felts.
  • Compressed Non-Asbestos Fibre (CNAF) Gasket Materials.
  • Graphite Gasket Sheet (except those with steel reinforcement).
  • Soft PTFE and Plastic Sealing Sheet.

Cut Gaskets in a Large Range of Sizes.

The whole concept of a gasket cutter is based on having the tools needed to product the gasket required, when it’s required. For that to work, you need a gasket cutter that can produce a wealth of different sized gaskets. Heavy Duty AllPax Gasket Cutting Tools fit this description.

Each model in the range comes with a number of extension arms to allow you to produce different sizes of gasket. These are listed below:

We have a range of different gasket cutter kits available each designed for cutting different size ring and circular gaskets. A full breakdown of the differences between each can be found below:

Part # AX6010 AX6050
Minimum Gasket / Washer
Internal Diameter (ID)
Minimum Gasket / Washer
Outside Diameter (OD)
Maximum Gasket 
Outside Diameter (OD)
Standard Blades 6 6
Heavy-Duty Blades 6 6
Short Centre Pin 1 1
Medium Centre Pin 1 1
Long Centre Pin 1 1
Disc Pin 1 1
Post with Offset Pin 1 1
Pivot Post 1 1
Extension Bar Pivot Post 0 1
Knurled Nut for Pivot Post 0 3
Extension Bar - 13" to 25" 0 1
Extension Bar - For Over 25" 0 3
Cutting Knob 1 1
Cutting Board - 450mm² / 18"
(2 x Centre Pin Reffules Installed)
1 1
Cutter Block Assembly 1 1
Storage Case 1 1
Centre Pin Handle 1 1
Dove Tail Designer Template 1 1
Bolt Hole Locater Template 1 1
Detailed Instructions 1 1


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