Allpax Hollow Hole Punch Sets - 27 Piece

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  • Heavy Duty Punches for Cutting Holes in Rubbers, Fibre, Textiles and more.
  • Made from High Strength Hardened Steel
  • Patented design for rapid changing of cutting heads

About AllPax Hole Punching Kits.

Our Allpax Hollow Punch Kits make it quick and easy to punch holes in a range of material types. They are most commonly used for punching out bolt holes in gasket material but can also be used to make holes for many other purposes. Rubbers, leather, wood and fibre-based materials are just some of the materials that can be cut using the Allpax Hollow Punch Kit. Not only can these sets be used to punch holes, they can also be used to punch rings by using two cutting heads at once.

Patented Locking System

The handle features a patented locking system that allows for high speed interchanging of the cutting heads. Each size cutting head can be attached to the handle with a simple twist off / twist on action saving you time and effort.

Durable and Long Lasting

Allpax Hollow Hole Punches are manufactured from special hardened steel that will remain sharp even after vigorous use, making them the perfect choice for tradesmen and professionals who expect to use them every day.

How they're used:

1. Firstly, choose the size of the hole that you want to punch.
2. Select the corresponding size cutting head and attach it to the handle
3. Attach the base for the locking system to the handle and twist your cutting head on to the base
4. Position the punch over the gasket material where required
5. Strike with a dead-blow hammer or mallet.
* Always wear safety glasses while punching holes

What's in a 16 Piece Kit?

The table below gives you an overview of all the components that make up an 11 piece kit. Information on the 16 Piece and 27 Piece versions are also included for reference.

Component 11 Piece Kit 16 Piece Kit 27 Piece Kit
Handle X X X
Mandrel     X
1/8" Hole Punch X X X
3/16" Hole Punch X X X
1/4" Hole Punch X X X
5/16" Hole Punch X X X
3/8" Hole Punch X X X
7/16" Hole Punch X X X
1/2" Hole Punch X X X
9/16" Hole Punch X X X
5/8" Hole Punch X X X
3/4" Hole Punch X X X
7/8" Hole Punch   X X
1" Hole Punch   X X
1 & 1/16" Hole Punch   X X
1 & 1/8" Hole Punch   X X
1 & 3/16" Hole Punch   X X
1 & 1/4" Hole Punch     X
1 & 5/16" Hole Punch     X
1 & 3/8" Hole Punch     X
1 & 7/16" Hole Punch     X
1 & 1/2" Hole Punch     X
1 & 5/8" Hole Punch     X
1 & 11/16" Hole Punch     X
1 & 3/4" Hole Punch     X
1 & 7/8" Hole Punch     X
2" Hole Punch     X
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