Anti Seize Assembly Paste - 120gm Container

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  • Provides excellent, lasting protection against cold welding, seizure, wear, oxidation, fretting corrosion and stick-slip phenomena.
  • Versatile, German-engineered lubricating agent for highly stressed parts.
  • Available in a large selection of sizes and withstands up to 1200°C.

Weicon Anti Seize Assembly Paste is a high quality lubricating compound. It is used to lubricate highly stressed metal parts to prevent seizure and reduce wear. It also protects against corrosion, oxidation and cold-welding and is widely used around the world in a large range of industries.

Manufactured by Weicon in Europe, this quality grade of anti seize is produced from a combination of finely ground, metallic, solid lubricants and a high quality synthetic oil mixture (for a metal-free, food grade anti seize we suggest our Anti Seize High Tech).

Anti Seize Assembly Paste is resistant to high pressures and is free of toxic heavy metals. It also has excellent chemical resistance and is very economical as just 1kg of paste, spread at a depth of 0.01mm is both effective and capable of covering an area of approximately 45 square metres.

Applications for Anti Seize Assembly Paste

  • Lubrication and corrosion protection of highly stressed parts.
  • Preventing metal components from seizing and protecting them from cold welding and stick-slip phenomena.
  • Protection of surfaces from oxidation and wear.
  • Lubricating bolts, screws and threaded connections that will be subjected to high levels of stress.
  • For lubricating, protecting and prolonging the service life of components in the automotive, agricultural, mining, engineering, marine and oil and gas sectors.
Colour Anthractie (Dark Grey)
Continuous Operating Temperature -180°C to +1,200°C
Base Oil Synthetic Oil Mixture
Salt Spray Test >170 Hours (DIN 50017)
Water Resistance 0-90 (DIN 51807)
Worked Pentration 310 to 340 1/10mm (DIN ISO 2137)
Density (at 20°C) 1.16 g/cm³
Dielectric Strength 0.47 kV/mm

For more technical information and instructions on our Weicon Anti Seize Assembly Paste, please refer to the technical data sheet (located on the media tab with the relevant SDS)

Size IMPA Reference ISSA Reference
120gm Brush Top Container N/A 53.402.72
400gm Cartridge 45 08 72 53.402.74
450gm Container 45 08 73 53.402.75
1kg Can 45 08 74 53.402.79
1.8kg Bucket 45 08 75 53.402.75
5kg Bucket 45 08 76 53.402.80
10kg Bucket 45 08 77 53.402.76
20kg Bucket N/A 53.402.77
SKU SWM000151B01
Brand Weicon

Is this like copper paste?

In a sense, yes. Both are most commonly used for lubricating, protecting and preventing seizing on threaded connections. There are some significant differences though when it comes to temperature resistance, pressure resistance and more.

All that being said, they’re both designed for similar if not exactly the same applications. Which one works best for you really will come down to the particulars of where you’re using it and individual preferences.

Is this a food grade anti-seize?

No. The general-purpose grade of Anti-Seize Assembly Paste listed here is not a good grade lubricating compound. If you require a food grade, metal-free anti-seize we suggest our Anti-Seize High Tech.

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