Big Rib Rubber 3.5mm Thick x 2000mm Wide (Per Metre)

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  • Hard wearing rubber mat with excellent resistance to abrasion.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Non-slip rubber mat made from quality SBR compound for long lasting performance.
  • Available by the lineal metre.

Our Big Rib Rubber Matting is ideal for applications that require a hard wearing, non-slip mat. Made from SBR (Styrene Butadiene Rubber), this rubber mat has excellent abrasion resistance and resists wear.

We are pleased to offer our Ribbed Rubber Matting material in two different thicknesses (3.5mm and 5mm) and both by the metre, in standard cut pieces or in custom cut parts (contact us to enquire about the custom option). Both thicknesses are stocked in extra wide rolls to reduce the need for joins.

Widely used in both commercial and industrial applications, our Big Rib Rubber Mat has a number of benefits, including:

Good Grip and Anti-Slip Performance.

Big Rib Rubber is typically used for anti-slip applications. It excels in these as the mat provides a good grip surface that impedes sliding or slipping. The black SBR used in its construction has a naturally high coefficient of friction which is enhanced by the presence of the ribs.

The wide ribs on our Ribbed Rubber Matting run the entire length of the roll (lengthwise). They enhance grip in both dry or damp conditions.

Suitable for Use on a Variety of Floor Types.

Big Rib Rubber Matting can be used on a large variety of surface types. Any smooth surface can be covered if required. This includes everything from laminate, timber or stone to concrete, metal or ceramic.

Easy to Cut and Install.

Big Rib Rubber Mat Material can be easily cut to size. In most situation, a Stanley knife with a good, sharp blade will do the job. For the 5mm material, it may be necessary to cut in progressive cuts rather than all at once.

Once cut, the SBR Ribbed Rubber Mat can be stuck down with relative ease. This type of rubber is quite easy to bond and can be held in place with a variety of adhesives. Of course, the exact best adhesive will also depend on the material you’re sticking the rubber mat to, but some common options includes Spray Adhesives or Contact Adhesives.

Long Lasting.

Our Big Rib Rubber Mat Materials are extremely hard wearing and long lasting. They can be used indoors or outdoors and have good resistance to UV. They are also highly resistant to abrasion and won’t tear, crack or warp.

Applications for Big Rib Rubber Matting.

Our Big Rib Rubber Matting material is used in a variety of different areas for anti-slip, surface production or noise reduction. Some examples include:

  • Reducing noise and vibration in ute trays or the back of vans.
  • Lining bridges or passageways.
  • Factory floors.
  • Garage floors.
  • Workshops and bench tops.
  • Ramps.
SKU SWM000278B01
Brand Gaskaseal

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Will you supply my order in one continuous length or multiple lengths?

We’ll always supply as long a roll as possible to give you maximum versatility (nothing worse than being just a little too short). Maximum roll length for all thicknesses listed here is 10 metres so if you ordered 8 of one size, it would be supplied in a single roll.