Blue Vertex Coated Fibreglass Cloth - 0.8mm Thick x 1000mm Wide, Per Metre

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  • Manufactured from a premium grade fibreglass cloth base.
  • Treated with a specialised blue coating that enhances flame resistance, strength and molten metal splash shielding.
  • High heat resistance (up to 540°C), excellent sunlight, aging, chemical and solvent resistance.
  • Withstands abrasion and is extremely durable.

Our Blue Vertex Fibreglass Cloth is a specialised grade of fibreglass. This cloth is produced using premium quality, plain weave fibreglass cloth which is then thoroughly coated with a proprietary blue Vertex finish. This finish helps increase the flame resistance of the fabric, improve physical strength, and enhance its ability wo withstand molten metal splash.

Typically used in very high heat, demanding insulation applications; this industrial-quality insulation fabric is available be the linear metre in two different thicknesses. More information on its performance and capabilities is included below.

Please note, there are some differences in the technical attributes of the two thicknesses. These are noted where they exist.

Excellent Heat Resistance and Thermal Insulation Performance.

The base fibreglass fabric used in our Blue Vertex Cloths can withstand continuous exposure to temperatures up to 540°C (1,000°F). It will also tolerate short-term spikes higher than this.

The Vertex Coating on this cloth enables it to handle higher temperatures for short-periods. One way this is measured is a Flame Tolerance Test. This involves placing a sample of the cloth 50mm away from a propane torch nozzle at a 90° angle. The flame emitted has a temperature of approximately 1,100°C (2,000°F).

In this test, our Blue Vertex Cloth recorded a mark of 30 minutes before the flame formed a hole in the cloth. This makes Fibreglass with a Blue Vertex coating a great choice for protecting plant and equipment from unforeseen temperature spikes or molten metal splash. At this temperature, the cloth does embrittle.

Suitable for Many Different Environments.

Blue Vertex Cloth exhibits excellent resistance to most chemicals and solvents. Known exceptions are Hydrofluoric and Hot Phosphoric Acid as well as wet Hydrogen Chloride.

These cloths also posses excellent sun light, UV and aging resistance making them suitable for insulation applications indoors or outdoors. They also offer high dielectric strength for applications where electrical insulation is also called for.

High Tensile Strength and Good Abrasion Resistance.

The Vertex coating added to the plain weave, premium grade fibreglass fabric cloth enhances its (already considerable) physical strength. Here, the exact properties for each thickness diverge so they are summarised in the table below:

Thickness 0.8mm 1.6mm
Fabric Weight (Average) 628 gm/m² (± 7%) 1,359 gm/m² (± 7%)
Fabric Thickness 0.82mm 1.65mm
Warp Strength 53.7 kgs/cm 98.5 kgs/cm
Fill Strength 50.1 kgs/cm 98.5 kgs/cm
Abrasion Resistance Very Good Very Good

Versatile and Easy to Work With.

Vertex Coated Fibreglass Cloths are highly flexible and quite easy to work with. They can be cut, sewn and wrapped with ease and are often used for making flexible insulation components like flange or valve covers, pump covers or welding curtains.

Common Applications for Blue Vertex Fibreglass Cloth.

These high quality, USA-made insulation fabrics are used in many different industries and applications around the world. Examples include:

  • As a thermal protection cover / barrier for plant, personnel and equipment.
  • In the marine industry for insulating exhausts and around engines.
  • For making high temperature welding curtains and blankets.
  • As an outer layer on composite thermal blankets and insulating pads.
  • For making flange and valve covers for high heat applications.
  • High temperature cloth gaskets.
  • Stress relief blankets.
  • As a component in thermal expansion joints.
Thickness 0.8mm 1.6mm
Base Fabric Fibreglass
Weave Style Plain
Coating Vertex
Colour Blue
Fabric Weight (Average) 628 gm/m² (± 7%) 1,359 gm/m² (± 7%)
Fabric Thickness 0.82mm 1.65mm
Warp Strength 53.7 kgs/cm 98.5 kgs/cm
Fill Strength 50.1 kgs/cm 98.5 kgs/cm
Abrasion Resistance Very Good Very Good
Temperature Tolerance for 
Continuous Use*.
540°C (1,000°F)
Flame Tolerance of Coated Fabric 30 Minutes @ approx. 1,100°C
Chemical Resistance Excellent (except for Hydrofluoric & hot phosphoric acid & wet hydrogen chloride)
Solvent Resistance Excellent
Sunlight & Ageing Resistance Excellent
Electrical Properties High Dielectric Strength and Low Constants
Roll Widths 1000mm (40") & 1500mm (60")
Full Roll Length 45.7 Metres (50 Yards)

*Established only as a benchmark for the time required to form a hole in the cloth. The fabric sample being tested is placed 50mm from a propane torch nozzle at an angle of 90° to the flame which has a temperature of approximately 1,100°C. Note: At this temperature the fabric does embrittle.

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