Brushable Liquid Zinc Paint - 375ml Can

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  • Efficient, Long Lasting Corrosion Protection.
  • Made with Highly Concentrated Round Zinc Pigments.
  • Resilient Finish that Showed No Hair Cracking in a Mandrel Bend Test.
  • Estimated Consumption of 120ml per Metre Squared.

Our Brushable Liquid Zinc Paint has been designed to provide long lasting protection against rust and corrosion. Manufactured in Germany with spherical zinc pigments, this brush or spray on coating will create a barrier to protect metals and surfaces.

Our Zinc Paint is based on high purity (98.5%) zinc pellets. Unlike many other coatings on the market which use flakes, the pellets naturally arrange themselves to form a more impenetrable layer for long lasting protection.

The binding agent used in this pain is epoxy resin ester and you can expect the finished coating to be around 60.5% zinc metal.

This corrosion protection coating can be applied by brush, roller or with spray equipment (see the TDS for more info on this). No primer is required for this paint and estimated consumption is about 120ml of Zinc Paint per square metre.

Our Zinc Paint has been tested in accordance with several international standards. Specifically:

  • Cross Cut Test (DIN 53151) – Recorded a characteristic value of GT 0 to GT 1.
  • Mandrel Bend Test (DIN EN ISO 1519) – Exhibited No Hair Cracking.
  • Maximum continuous operating temperature (once dry) is 400°C.

Weicon Zinc Paint is used around the world to protect all kinds of objects and surfaces from corrosion. Some of the more common applications we see include the repair and coating of frames, gates, doors, balustrades, poles, posts, and machine parts.

This rust prevention paint is widely used in the marine and boating sector and is registered with both IMPA (252103) and ISSA (53 402 62).

Colour Zinc / Grey (Matt Finish)
Areas of Use Indoors and Outdoors
Binding Agent Epoxy Resin Ester
Pigment Zinc Pigments (D50 4 μm)
Pigment Purity 98.5% (Approx.)
Percentage of Metal in the Dry Film 60.5% (Approx.)
Viscosity approx. 70 s 4mm/stretchable
Suggested Primer Not Required
Processing Temperature +18°C to +30°C
Consumption 120ml / m² (Approx.)
Spray Consistency 10% - 20% Universal Thinning
Cross-Cut Test (DIN 53151) Cross Cut Characteristic Value GT 0 to GT 1
Mandrel Bend Test (DIN EN ISO 1519) No Hair Cracking, 5mm Mandrel
Temperature Rating 400°C
IMPA Code 25 21 03
ISSA Code 53.402.62
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Brand Weicon