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Bootlace Crimper for 0.25mm to 2.5mm Ferrules

Our small Bootlace Crimping Tool is a fast, reliable and easy to use crimper. This tool is manufactured with cushioned handles and is compatible with all small size bootlace ferrules from 0.25mm² to 2.5mm².

Cable Scissors No. 35

Professional quality scissors for cutting, stripping and crimping a variety of cables. Our No. 35 Cable Scissors cut copper cables up to 35mm² and aluminium cables to 50mm²C. Specially designed for heavy duty, industrial use with a range of features.

Duo Crimp Stripper No. 300

A very versatile tool that combines stripping, crimping and cutting into one. Our Duo Crimp Stripper No. 300 has an automatic scanner for removing insulation and can be used with cables between 0.5mm² and 6mm² cross-section.

Professional Cable Stripping and Crimping Kit

Get everything you need for cable stripping and crimping with our Professional Cable Stripping and Crimping Kit. Contains our No. 7 Magic Automatic Stripper, No. 300 Duo-Crimp Tool and 400 wire end ferrules.