Ceramic Square Packing (Fibreglass Reinforced) - 10mm² (Per Metre)

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  • Very high temperature insulation material that withstands 800°C (or 1,200°C when mechanical strength is not important).
  • Very good thermal insulation performance.
  • Made from quality ceramic fibres with fibreglass reinforcement for added mechanical strength.
  • Available by the metre in a large selection of sizes.

Our Square Ceramic Packing with Fibreglass Reinforcement is a very high temperature heat insulation material. Sometimes known as square rope, this packing is braided from a combination of high quality ceramic fibres that are reinforced with glass yarns.

The result is a packing with excellent heat resistance, low thermal conductivity and good mechanical properties. It is widely used in high temperature, industrial applications such as those found in and around furnaces, ovens, boilers, foundries, power plants and the engines of ships and heavy transport.

Some of the features and properties of this insulation material are expanded on below:

High Temperature Insulation.

Ceramic fibres are usually called for when temperatures reach above 550°C. Before this mark, fibreglass is often selected but at this point it stops being viable. Ceramic insulation can withstand temperatures up to 1,200°C (some types even higher).

Unfortunately, the trade-off is often related to mechanical strength. Ceramic fibres are great insulators, they’re just not that strong. To combat this, our Square Ceramic Branded Packing is made from a combination of ceramic and fibreglass with the ceramic serving as primary insulation and the glass increasing mechanical strength.

Our Ceramic Braided Packing really has two maximum operating temperatures:

  • 800°C for applications that require preservation of the mechanical strength provided by the fibreglass.
  • 1200°C for applications where tensile and mechanical strength are not primary concerns.

High Density, High Strength.

This type of square ceramic packing is made with a braided construction. The fibres that make it up are formed into a high density packing material that has good mechanical properties and high tensile strength.

As mentioned in the previous section, much of this strength comes from the use of a fibreglass reinforcement so if it is important for your application a maximum operating temperature of 800°C should be observed.

Good Chemical Resistance.

Our Braided Ceramic Packing has excellent resistance to most chemicals and media. Known exceptions include phosphoric acid, hydrofluoric acid and strong bases.

Applications for Ceramic Square Braid Packing.

This high-performance insulation material is typically used in extremely high temperature environments. Common examples include:

  • Static seals for ovens.
  • Boiler seals and insulation.
  • Insulation for chimney stacks & flue ducts.
  • For high temperature gaskets, manway and door seals.
  • As a high temperature lagging material in the steel, aluminium, oil & gas or power generation industries.
  • As insulation for the engines and piping in heavy shipping and heavy transport.

How to Buy Square Ceramic Braided Packing Online.

We are pleased to offer this high temperature packing by the lineal metre in a large selection of sizes. To buy simply:

  1. Select the size you require (all sizes available are square and given in millimetres).
  2. Select the number of metres you need and enter that as the quantity.
  3. Proceed through the check-out.

Maximum roll length varies according to size (listed below) and we will always supply in one, single continuous length for orders under this amount. If for whatever reason this is not possible, we will always let you know before shipping. We can provide custom cut lengths on request so if this is preferred; do not hesitate to contact us.

Standard Sizes and Roll Lengths

Size (Square) 10mm² 13mm² 20mm² 25mm² 30mm² 50mm²
Weight (per Metre) 60gm 100gm 210gm 360gm 460gm 950gm
Full Roll Length 50M 50M 30M 20M 20M 20M

If you run into any troubles or gremlins at any point, please do let us know. We’re here to help.

Colour White
Temperature Rating 800°C
1200°C for Applications that do not require the glass reinforcement.
Ignition Loss 16% (±2%)
Thermal Conductivity 0.17 W/m. °C
Chemical Composition 52% SiO2
47% Al2O3
SKU SWM000345B01
Brand HeatProtect