Wood Fire Stove & Heater Sealing Kit, Large - 5 Mtrs 6.4mm Rope + HT 300 Adhesive

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  • Everything you need to seal your fireplace, stove, BBQ or oven door.
  • Each kit contains five metres of High-Density, Industrial-Grade Fibreglass Rope made in the USA.
  • Also contains a tube of Red, HT 300 High Temperature RTV Silicone from Weicon in Germany.

Our Wood Fire Stove and Heater Door Sealing Kits have been put together to give you everything you need to replace and old rope door seal. Each kit contains either a 2 or 5 metre length of our industrial-quality fibreglass rope seal and either a 85ml squeeze tube (2 metre kits) or a 310ml cartridge (5 metre kits) of professional-grade RTV high-temp silicone.

Each component has been specially chosen to provide excellent performance, high temp resistance and long life. The rope is made in the USA and is trusted around the world for demanding industrial insulation and sealing applications. The silicone is made in Germany and offers outstanding resistance to temperature (280°C) and excellent adhesion. More information on both is included below.

How to Buy our Wood Fire Stove, Oven and Heater Sealing Kits Online

  1. Choose the Size of Fibreglass Rope Seal you need.
  2. Choose the Length of Rope You Require.
    2 Metre Rope Kits come with a 85ml Squeeze tube of HT 300 Silicone. 5 Metre Kits come with a 310ml cartridge.

You can browse our range of Rope Sealing Kits here.

Our Industrial-Grade Fibreglass Rope Seal

  • High Temperature Resistant Rope Seal that withstands 538°C.
  • Made in the USA from high quality fibreglass and braided into a dense, resilient round rope.
  • Flexible for easy installation, good sealing characteristics, non-flammable and chemically resistant.

Manufactured from braided fibreglass yarns, this Fibreglass Rope has a maximum operating temperature of 538°C. It is non-flammable and has excellent chemical resistance. Though it is a high density grade, it still offers good flexibility which makes it easy to install around curves and bends.

Our Fibreglass Sealing Rope is manufactured in the USA by Amatex. It is made with electrical grade (E Glass) fibreglass yarns and has high dielectric strength with low electrical constants. It will not rot or support mildew and is very long lasting.

This rope also has excellent dimensional stability. It won’t stretch or shrink and retains this stability even at high temperatures.

Our Red HT 300 High Temperature RTV Silicone Adhesive

  • Withstands continuous temperatures of 280°C (300°C short term).
  • Professional quality RTV Silicone Sealant manufactured in Germany.
  • Excellent adhesive strength and highly elastic.

HT 300 High Temperature Silicone is a one part, acetic cure silicone designed for sealing and bonding in high temperatures. This high quality silicone is red in colour, free of solvents and creates very strong bonds and seals. It can be used to bond a variety of materials to each other and also for making formed in place silicone gaskets. These bonds and seals are resistant to ageing, exhibit good chemical resistance and are extremely elastic with a maximum elongation of 500%.

Weicon HT 300 High Temperature Silicone withstands short periods (up to about 2 hours) of exposure to 300°C and can handle 280°C on a continuous basis. It bonds particularly well to steel, aluminium and most others metals as well as glass, ceramics and a range of other materials. This is a room temperature vulcanising (RTV) silicone that will cure without any special processing.  

Fibreglass Rope Seal Technical Details

Colour White
Continuous Operating Temperature +538°C
Density High

HT 300 High Temperature Silicone Adhesive Technical Details

Colour Red
Basis Acetate Silicone (One Part)
Continuous Temperature Resistance -50°C to +280°C
Short-Term Temperature Resistance 300°C (2 Hour Maximum)
Skin Over Time 12 Minutes
Cure Speed 2-3mm in the first 24 hours
Shore Hardness 35 Shore A
Potable Water No
Food Applications No
Elongation At Break 500%
Maximum Depth 5mm
Maximum Width 25mm
Building Material Category Code B 2


SKU SWM000242B02
Brand HeatProtect

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