Glyptal 1201 Red Enamel - 361ml Aerosol

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  • Versatile paint that seals uneven surfaces, insulates, primes and protects.
  • Originally developed as an insulation enamel for armatures and other electrical devices.
  • Now widely used for engine coating, anti-moisture and anti-corrosion coating, primer for iron and steel and as an internal coating for hydraulic tanks and bearing cases.

Glyptal 1201 is a versatile paint that is used in a variety of areas and numerous industries. This red enamel coating was first developed as an electrical insulation coating. Glyptal was designed for use on coils and other parts of electrical armatures where it provided excellent dielectric properties.

Over time, the other capabilities of this high-quality paint came to be recognised. These include Glyptal’s excellent corrosion and moisture resistance, compatibility with many chemicals (including oils and acids) and ability to withstand high heat and salt spray.

As a result, Glyptal is now used in a large number of different areas. These include corrosion protection, sealing uneven surfaces in engine casings, electrical insulation, tank coating and many, many more.

Glyptal’s Technical Properties at a Glance.

Glyptal 1201 is a high-performance coating with several technical benefits. The specifications tab has even more information but some of the most important features include…

  • Adhesion – Glyptal sticks to most surfaces and materials. It is known to bond very well to metals, ceramics, concrete, fibres, wood and porcelain.
  • Aging Resistance – The smooth film finish created by Glyptal doesn’t crack which prevents ingress by moisture, chemicals and other types of destructive agents.
  • Fast Drying – Glyptal 1201 is tack-free after about 2 hours (at room temperature). It can also be baked for faster drying and an exceptionally smooth finish.
  • Heat Resistant – Glyptal withstands temperatures up to 135°C once dry.
  • Toughness – A Glyptal coating is low-gloss and exhibits excellent resistance to abrasion.

Applications for Glyptal 1201.

Because of its variety of benefits and features, Glyptal Coatings are used in a equally large range of areas. Just some include…

  • As an internal coating for engines.
  • As a sealing agent for older engine housings that are slightly porous.
  • As an anti-moisture coating for truck parts, water cooler components and thermostats.
  • Insulation on coils and other parts of armatures and motors.
  • For coating the interior of hydraulic tanks and bearing cases.
  • Sealing pipe and stud threads.
  • Protecting winches, fencing and outdoor metal components from corrosion.
  • Sealing concrete floors and in general plant maintenance.
  • As a primer and finish for transformer, generator and motor housings.
Colour (as applied) Red
Solvent System Xylene + Toulene
Temperature Resistance 135°C (Continuous)
Air Dry Time - Dust Free 30 Minutes (avg. at Room Temperature)
Air Dry Time - Tack-Free 2 Hours (avg. at Room Temperature)
Dielectric Strength 
Dry (ASTM D115-55)
1500 Volts / Mil
Dielectric Strength 
In Water, 24 Hours
350 Volts / Mil
Arc Resistance 480 Seconds
Insulation Resistance
24 Hours @ 90% RH
7.5 x 107
Acid Resistance Good
Alkali Resistance Fair (Low Concentrations Only)
Oil Resistance Excellent
Salt Water Resistance Good
Water Resistance Good
Approvals MIL-E-22118
SKU SWM000231B01V0001

Do you need to use a primer first?

No. Glyptal 1201 does not require the use of a primer before being applied to the vast, vast majority of majority of materials. Exceptions would include things like low surface energy plastic sheets.

What should I do before I start using it?

The first step is to ensure that the surface to which you will be applying the Glyptal is free of grease, rust, dirt and wax (potential aids for this step include our Cleaner S, Surface Cleaner and Rust Converter Sprays.

Once that's done, mask off or protect surrounding areas from overspray and allow the can of Glyptal to come to room temperature.

How do I use Glyptal 1201A Spray on Coating?

Glyptal is very easy to use and apply. 

  1. Shake the can until the mixing ball inside breaks loose and rattles. Then hold the can at the top and swing the bottom of the can in a circle for 3 minutes making the mixing ball travel around the bottom groove of the can. Give an occasional up and down shake.
  2. Repeat shaking procedure for 10 seconds after each minute of spraying.
  3. Test spray onto a scrap surface to determine proper distance. If the can is held too close, bubbles and running will result. If it is too far away the resulting coat will be thin, spotty and dry.
  4. Move the can with short, "dusting" strokes, allowing paint to become tacky between light mist coats. 
  5. Never spray with valve only partly open. Press all the way down.
  6. After completing your work, clean the valve by holding can upside down and spraying until only clear gas is emitted.
  7. If spray stops or is irregular, twist off the spray head and clean metering slot on the valve stem. Clean spray hole in the head. Re-seat spray head firmly.