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Epirez 324A Electrical Epoxy Compound 2kg Kit

Something of an industry-standard, Epirez 324A is a high quality electrical epoxy. It’s easy to work with, has very high dielectric strength and sets hard for long lasting performance. Available in 2kg kits.

Epirez 8837 Epoxy Casting Compound 6kg Kit

Industrial grade epoxy used for making castings up to 15cm deep. Epirez 8837 Epoxy Casting Compound has excellent mechanical and electrical properties.

Epoxy Casting Resin MS 1000

Unfilled epoxy resin designed for moulding, casting, bonding, surface coating or gap filling. Epoxy Casting Resin can be combined with various fibres or powders to create different appearances and sets hard. Widely used for maintenance and repair work.
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Flit Plug Encapsulant Silicone - TSE 352

A high-quality silicone encapsulant for cables, electrical devices, potting of components and circuits and flit plug encapsulating. TSE 352 is available in 5.9kg (5.1L) kits.