Epirez 8837 Epoxy Casting Compound 6kg Kit

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  • 2-Part Epoxy Compound with excellent electrical and mechanical properties.
  • Low viscosity and exotherm.
  • Room temperature curing.
  • Can be cast in thicknesses of up to 15cm per pour (150mm).

Epirez 8837 Epoxy Casting Compound is a high-quality grade of electrical casting resin. It is a two-part epoxy that has been trusted for decades for encapsulation, casting, cable jointing, terminating and more.

This epoxy can be used to create castings up to 15cm (150mm) deep in a single pour. It has a low mixed viscosity for easy pouring and handling and a low exotherm rate. It cures at room temperature.

Epirez 8837 Kits are used to create an epoxy compound that will set hard. It exhibits very good electrical properties and very good mechanical strength. It has excellent impact resistance and very good dimensional stability.

For more information on the technical attributes and performance capabilities of this epoxy compound, please refer to the attached Epirez 8837 technical data.

Applications for Epirez 8837

Epirez 8837 is used in several industries throughout Australia for electrical repair work. Example applications for this epoxy include…

  • Power cable jointing and terminating.
  • Encapsulation of power transformers.
  • Communications cable jointing.
  • Backing of reinforced tools and jigs.
  • Preparation of prototype jigs and moulds.
Mixing Proportions by Volume 1 Hardener to 3 Compound
Mixing Proportions by Weight 1 Hardener to 5 Compound
Appearance Of Hardener Amber Liquid
Appearance When Compound Grey Liquid
Appearance When Mixed Grey
Solids Content 100%
Work Time (of 1kg Mix) 2 Minutes at 25°C
Typical Cure Time 24 Hours at 25°C
Maximum Casting Thickness 15cm
Compressive Strength (Ultimate) 93 MPa
Compressive Yield Strength 83 MPa
Tensile Strength (Ultimate) 28 MPa
Compressive Modulus 1.2 GPa
Thermal Conductivity 0.66 W/(m.K)
Thermal Expansion (Linear) 1 x 10-5 K-1
Barcol Hardness 25
Heat Deflection Temperature 50°C
Volume Resistivity, 25°C 1014 ohm.cm at 25°C
Dielectric Constant 3.28
Dielectric Constant 0.015
Kit Size 6kg (3.7ltrs)
Shelf Life 2 Years
SKU SWM000240B01V0001
Brand Epirez