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Epoxy Minute Adhesive - 24ml

Fast curing, high strength epoxy adhesive used on a wide range of materials. Epoxy Minute Adhesive can be dispensed by hand and requires no special tools. This adhesive is self-levelling, transparent and very easy to use.

R391 Weatherproof Electrical Putty 500gm Kit

A versatile, non-hardening insulating putty. R391 Weatherproof Electrical Putty is widely used for insulating and sealing connections and does not crack, shrink or peel. This putty remains flexible yet creates a weatherproof seal and is very long lasting.

Superwool Plus Blankets - By the Metre

Available by the Metre in a range of thicknesses. Superwool is a flexible, high temperature insulation blanket that withstands up to 1200°C with very good heat breakdown and insulation performance.
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VA 8406 Industrial Super Glue

A very fast curing and compatible with a large variety of materials. Weicon VA 8406 Super Glue is highly reliable, creates strong bonds and can be used in a range of applications. It’s particularly good at bonding plastics and rubbers.
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