Fibreglass Exhaust Wrap Tape - 1.5mm Thick x 50mm Wide x 30 Metres Long

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  • Withstands temperatures up to 550°C
  • Excellent thermal insulator
  • Good mechanical strength and outstanding flexibility

Fibreglass Exhaust Wrap Tape is a high temperature insulation cloth cut into convenient and easy to use tape form. Capable of withstanding ongoing exposure to temperatures of up to 550°C, this woven tape also offers good mechanical strength, thickness consistency and flexibility.

Fibreglass Exhaust Wrap Tape is an excellent thermal insulator and effectively captures and dissipates heat. It also possesses excellent chemical and solvent resistance in addition to its ability to withstand damage from sunlight or UV. Being fibreglass, this tape is extremely dielectric and a good option for insulating cables and leads from surrounding heat.

Fibreglass Exhaust Wrap Tape can be easily wrapped around tight turns and bends and has good edge stability. Put another way, the edges of the tape resist fraying (though you do need to be a little careful with any cut ends). 

Typical Applications for Woven Fibreglass Insulation Tape.

  • Wrapping and insulating of exhausts.
  • Lagging for pipes.
  • Insulation of cables and hoses.
  • Support tape for single sided welding.
  • Construction of flat high temperature gaskets.
  • Oven and Boiler insulation.

How to Buy Woven Fibreglass Insulation Tapes Online.

This page lists our standard sizes of 1.5mm Thick Fibreglass Insulation Tape in 30 metre long rolls. 

Our online store also has this tape in other thicknesses as well as pre-cut, 5 Metre long rolls. Links to the other sizes are included at the bottom of this page.

Colour White
Adhesive No
Basis Fibreglass Filament Yarn
Maximum Continuous Operating Temperature 550°C
Abrasion Resistance Average
Strength Retention @ 400°C 50%
Chemical and Solvent Resistance Good
SKU SWM000037B01-1.5
Brand HeatProtect

I’m using this to wrap a pipe, how do I keep it in place?

Best bet is overwrap along the pipe at approximately 50% overwrap. To secure the end wrapping some wire or stainless steel clamps over the top of the tape is likely to do the job. Adhesive tapes are generally not suggested for this as most types of adhesive max. out at about 180°C (though there are exceptions) which, assuming your application runs hotter than this, could cause the adhesive overwrap to fail and allow the Fibreglass Exhaust Wrap Tape to come undone.

Is there an adhesive version available?

Unfortunately, no. The combination of the type of weave and properties of fibreglass make this proposition very difficult. We’ve been on the lookout for a reliable one for years and will update this answer the moment we find it.

Does it fray?

Yes. Cutting fibreglass exhaust wrap tape can be a little tricky as this particular tape does tend to want to fray a little. The edges of the tape are fine as they’ve been woven especially, it’s just when you cut it. To mitigate the problem, we usually wrap the end in a bit of adhesive tape and then cut. This helps prevent fraying and, though it will likely burn off in application, the fibreglass is applied by then and without further movement shouldn’t fray too much.