Plastic Electric Motor Fan Hub (Only) - IEC 71 & 80 / BF 10 & 20

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  • Quality Plastic Motor Hub Supplied Separetly to the Fans.
  • Fits Two Sizes of Fan and Locks Securely in Place.
  • Manufactured from Polypropylene.
  • Pilot Hole can be Drilled Out to Suit Different Shaft Sizes.

Our Hubs for our Plastic Electric Motor Fans are stocked in a selection of sizes and available for fast dispatch. This range consists of 4 different sized hubs which each match two different sizes of cooling fan.

This page lists the hub only. Fans are required and they are available either by themselves, or in a pack with the appropriately sized hub.

These hubs can be drilled out or machined to suit the exact shaft size you need for your motor. This cuts down on the amount of sizes that you need to keep on hand and ensures the correct fit.

All our Electric Motor Cooling Fans & Hubs are manufactured from high quality polypropylene and have excellent durability and consistency of sizing. The exact same grade of material is used for both the fan and hub to ensure that expansion and shrink rates remain the same during service.

The hubs can be inserted into either side of the fan and lock firmly into place. If locking the bush (hub) to the motor shaft is required, this is also possible as the fan can be fitter after this has been done.

Plastic Electric Motor Cooling Fan Size Guide.

Fan Code Frame Size Outside Diameter (Fan) Height / Thickness Hub Pilot Hole Max. Bore Size Hub Code
BF10 IEC 71 122mm Ø 26mm 7mm Ø 22mm Ø BF10/20
BF20 IEC 80 132mm Ø 26mm 7mm Ø 22mm Ø BF10/20
BF30 IEC 90 167mm Ø 33mm 17mm Ø 35mm Ø BF30/40
BF40 IEC 100 171mm Ø 37mm 17mm Ø 35mm Ø BF30/40
BF50 IEC 112 216mm Ø 46mm 17.5mm Ø 48mm Ø BF50/60
BF60 IEC 132 246mm Ø 56mm 17.5mm Ø 48mm Ø BF50/60
BF70 IEC 160 298mm Ø 56mm 28.5mm Ø 55mm Ø BF70/80
BF80 IEC 180 333mm Ø 56mm 28.5mm Ø 55mm Ø BF70/80
SKU SWM000376B02
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