PTFE Sheet (Moulded) - 1.5mm Thick x 495mm Wide x 495mm Long

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  • High Quality, 100% PTFE Sheet available in a selection of sheet sizes.
  • Outstanding Chemical Resistance and Able to Withstand up to 260°C.
  • Very Low Friction, Ideal for Wear Strips and Guides.
  • Strong Dielectric Properties.

Skived vs Moulded PTFE: What’s the Difference?

This page lists moulded PTFE. Moulded sheets are usually thicker than those produced by skiving and have a more even, flat surface appearance (both have a consistent thickness). This is the primary difference between the two types. 

Apart from the way they are produced, these sheets have almost everything else in common. More information on their properties, capabilities and typical applications is included below:

Very Low Friction, Good Sliding Properties & Non-Stick.

PTFE, or Teflon™ as it is sometimes known, has one of the lowest co-efficient of friction values of any material (plastic or otherwise). This has led to its widespread use as a non-stick liner, guide material and it’s use in low friction bearings.

Our PTFE Sheet has a coefficient of dynamic friction rating of <0.1. It will naturally reject all kinds of adhesives (unless chemically primed first).

Unparalleled Chemical Resistance and Compatibility.

Pure, virgin PTFE can withstand attack from almost all known chemicals, media and compounds. This engineering plastic has exceptional chemical resistance. Consequently, PTFE is widely used in gasket materials, gland packings, gasket tapes, thread sealing tapes and much more.

Virgin PTFE is also often selected for making chemical resistance gaskets, washers and seals. It can also be used as a tank, pipe or flange liner material. Especially in applications that store or process highly aggressive acids or similar media.

Of course, PTFE isn’t perfect. There are some chemicals which are known to attack it and with which it should not be used. These include elemental fluorine, molten alkali metals and chlorine trifluoride at high temperatures and pressures. Permeation occurs with helium, chloride and bromine.

Excellent Low and High Temperature Tolerance.

PTFE has excellent temperature resistance and can withstand continuous exposure to environments between -150°C and +260°C.

Our 100% Virgin PTFE Sheet is also self-extinguishing (UL 94 Flammability Rating V-0).

Very Good Electrical Insulation Properties.

PTFE Sheet is often used as an electrical insulation material because of its high dielectric strength, high temperature resistance and ease of handling. Our Virgin PTFE Sheet has a dielectric strength rating of >30 kV/mm (when tested in accordance with ASTM D149 requirements).

This premium quality engineering plastic is often used to make insulating parts for electric motors as well as anti-static and electrically insulating guides and sliding parts.

Easy to Work With (Unless You Want to Glue It).

All PTFE has a smooth surface finish that is non-stick, low friction and easy to handle. PTFE Sheet from Swift also has excellent physical strength and machinability characteristics. Tensile strength is >20 MPa and its hardness rating is 50-60 Shore D.

PTFE is a high-density plastic that is tough and long lasting. More information on its technical attributes (including deformation under load, coefficient of linear expansion & specific gravity) are included on the Specifications Tab for our PTFE Sheet.

How to Glue PTFE Sheet.

This isn’t easy. As explained above, PTFE has one of the lowest coefficients of friction of any material. Looking at it from a bonding point of view; it’s a nightmare that surpasses notoriously hard to bond plastics like Polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP). That said, nothing is impossible.

Gluing PTFE can be achieved in a few ways. For smaller jobs, we have found that our industrial-grade CA Primer for Polyolefins combined with either our VA 8312 or VA 8406 industrial-strength super glues will do the job. More information on each is available from their dedicated product pages.

For larger surface area jobs, or applications where super-glue isn’t practical, chemically etched PTFE may be required. Etched PTFE is available from Swift Supplies in a selection of different sizes and custom parts can also be produced upon request. Please do contact us for more information on this specialised material.

Applications for PTFE Sheet.

Because of its impressive all-round capabilities in resisting chemicals, heat, cold and preventing friction or electrical current transfer, PTFE is widely used in a large variety of industries and applications. Some of the more popular ones we see include:

  • As a thermal insulation material for electronics, HVAC and industrial equipment.
  • Slide bearings.
  • Piston rings, glide rings and back-up rings.
  • Chevron seals.
  • As an electrical insulation material for low, medium or high voltage electric motors and devices.
  • For making high temperature, chemical resistant washers and gaskets.
  • For the manufacture of chemical resistant seals for pumps and valves.
  • In the warehousing and distribution industry for conveyor slides and on packaging machines.
  • In the building industry for parts and components (PTFE has excellent weathering resistance).
  • The manufacture of cryogenic seals and parts.
  • In the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industry for making slides, guides and wear strips.

How to Buy PTFE Sheet Online.

This page lists just one style in our range of PTFE Sheets; cut Moulded PTFE Sheets..

Our online store also features a large selection of cut pieces as well as thinner, skived PTFE sheets. Links to these other sizes are all included at the bottom of this page.

In addition to these standard sizes, we are also able to provide custom cut sheets, strips and parts made from PTFE. To enquire about a specific size, please do contact us.

Colour White
Continuous Operating Temperature -150°C to +260°C
Specific Gravity 2.14 - 2.19 g/cm³ (ASTM D792)
Elongation at Break >200% (ASTM D4894)
Tensile Strength >20 MPa (ASTM D4894)
Hardness 50-60 Shore D (ASTM D2240)
Deformation Under Load
(15MPa for 24 Hours @ 23°C)
16% (ASTM D621)
Coefficient of Linear Expansion
(23°C to 200°C)
15.10-5 °C-1 (DIN 53752)
Dielectric Strength >30kV/mm (ASTM D149)
UL 94 Flammability Rating V0
Water Absorption (24 Hours) <0.01% (ASTM D570)
Coefficient of Dynamic Friction <0.1 Cold Finished Steel
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