PTFE Thread Sealing Cord DF175

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  • Quick and simple thread sealing with less leakage
  • Economical as each container replaces up to 20 rolls of Thread Seal Tape
  • Pure PTFE and able to be used with potable water, gas and other demanding applications

Weicon PTFE Thread Sealing Cord DF175 is a patented thread sealing cord made from 100% pure PTFE (often known as Teflon®) that seals almost all metal and plastic threads easily, permanently and safely. PTFE Thread Sealing Cord reliably compensates for the intermediate space left between threaded joints and automatically creates a PTFE film to fill this space as the threads are screwed together. This film is extremely resistant to almost all chemicals including even the most aggressive solvents, caustic agents and acids.

When compared to conventional thread sealing tapes, which are often made from PTFE combined with a carrier material, the entirety of Weicon Thread Sealing Cord acts as a sealant. This eliminates the risk of separation of the carrier and sealing material, which can occur with some standard thread sealing tapes over time.

In addition to its outstanding chemical and media resistance, Weicon PTFE Thread Sealing Cord DF175 withstands extreme temperatures from as low as -200°C up to +240°C and remains soft, elastic and durable for an unlimited period of time. Each container replaces around 20 rolls of standard Thread Sealing Tape.

Applications for PTFE Thread Sealing Cord

  • Anywhere conventional Thread Seal Tapes were used
  • For sealing almost all plastic and metal threads
  • For ducts and pipes through which extremely aggressive media is transferred
  • Sealing gas, drinking water, food, liquid oxygen, propane, butane and chemical lines
  • Anytime a slight unscrewing of the connection (up to 45°) needs to be allowed for without weakening the seal

Teflon® is a registered trademark of DuPont®

Weicon PTFE Thread Sealing Cord DF175 Demonstration Video;

Colour White
Length 175 Metres
Continuous Operating Temperature -200°C to +260°C
Potable Water Approved Yes
Gas Approved Yes
Oxygen Sealing Approved Yes
Consctruction 100% PTFE
Non-Flammable Yes

For more technical information please see the Technical Data Sheet for our PTFE Thread Sealing Cord located on the media tab.

SKU SWM000010B01V0001
Brand Weicon

Can this PTFE Thread Sealing Cord be used with plastic threads?

Yes. Our Weicon PTFE Thread Sealing Cord works well with either plastic or metal threaded connections and seals both permanently.

Where is the lubricant that is supplied?

It is in the base of each container of PTFE Thread Sealing Cord, which unscrews. Once you’ve taken it apart you’ll see that there’s a little roll on applicator that lets you apply the lubricant.