Viton Rubber, Type A 1.6mm Thick x 300mm Wide x 1200mm Long (Black, 70 Duro)

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  • High performance rubber sheet with excellent chemical resistance, heat tolerance and mechanical strength.
  • Very good sealing performance with oils, petrol, diesel, LPG and many acids and alkalis.
  • Made for the most demanding of applications.
  • 100% Genuine Viton Rubber Sheet made with Chemours Viton Polymer in the USA.

Viton Rubber Sheet is a premium grade elastomer used in the most demanding of applications. This rubber will withstand continuous exposure to temperatures between -15°C and +200°C and has very good physical and mechanical properties.

Sometimes known as FKM (often when it is not made with genuine Viton), Viton Rubber was originally developed for the aerospace industry to meet their demands for a high-performance elastomer. Since its’ introduction, it has been adopted by many other industries because of its excellent chemical resistance and all-round performance as a sealing material.

Viton rubber is particularly good at sealing oils, fuels, lubricants and mineral acids. It also has excellent resistance to aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons that can act as solvents with many other types of rubber.

This sheet rubber also features excellent compression set resistance across a wide range of temperatures (-15°C to +200°C), This is critically important as it allows Viton to continue to provide excellent seal performance in environments that can degrade other, non-fluorinated elastomers.

For more detailed information on our Viton Rubber Sheet’s chemical resistance, we’ve put together a handy (and very comprehensive) chemical table here.

Our Viton Rubber is manufactured in the USA using 100% genuine Chemours Viton polymer which ensures it delivers reliable, high quality performance. This grade contains 66% fluorine, is UV stable and highly resistant to degradation from ozone or weathering.

For more technical information on our genuine, premium grade Viton Rubber Sheet please consult the Viton technical data sheet over on the media tab.

Applications for Viton Rubber

Because of its excellent temperature and chemical resistance, Viton Rubber is used in a vast array of industries and applications. It is most often utilised in the chemical processing, mining, pharmaceutical, power generation, food, beverage, pharmaceutical and aerospace sectors. Typical applications for Viton Rubber Sheet include:

  • Flange Gaskets for pipes, tanks and containers.
  • Lining of tanks storing chemicals, oils, diesel, petrol or other types of aggressive media.
  • Chemical transfer and joining sleeves.
  • Expansion joints.
  • Sealing and insulating strips.
  • Isolation barriers.
  • Chemical proof flashing.
Colour Black
Insertion None
Compound / Polymer 100% Chemours Viton
Hardness 70 Shore A (+/- 5) Durometer
Continuous Operating Temperature -17°C to +200°C
Elongation 250% (minimum)
Finish Smooth
Specific Gravity 1.92 g/cm³
Tensile Strength 7.14 mPa
Compression Set (ASTM D395)
22 Hours @ 175°C
50% Maximum Discs
Heat Resistance (ASTM D573 70 Hours @ 250°C)
Durometer - Change +9 Shore A
Tensile Strength - Change +27%
Elongation - Change -39%
Potable Water No
Food Grade No
Abrasion Resistance High
Hydrocarbon and Fuel Resistance High
Tearing Resistance High
UV / Sun light Resistance High


SKU SWM000205P01
Brand Gaskaseal

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