Topgraph 2000 Graphite Gasket Sheet - 0.8mm Thick x 495mm Square

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  • High performance grade of industrial gasket material with excellent flexibility, low bearing capacity and stability.
  • Combines the benefits of flexible, high-temp graphite with a specialised blend of synthetic fibres.
  • Capable of sealing steam up to 300°C and 500°C for many other application types.
  • Exhibits very low rates of embrittlement at elevated temperatures and prevents loss of bolt load and seal failure.

Klingersil Topgraph 2000 Graphite Gasket Sheet is a specially designed grade of compressed non-asbestos fibre gasket material. It combines the flexibility and high temperature sealing performance of graphite with the strength and pressure resistance of synthetic fibres. The result is a reliable sealing material that is good for making gaskets used in high temperatures.

Topgraph 2000 is used for sealing steam up to 300°C. With other media and pressures, it can be used up to 500°C.

Topgraph 2000 has been designed to resist embrittlement during prolonged exposure to high temperatures. It also has a very high load bearing capacity and excellent inherent stability. This means that seals made with Topgraph 2000 gaskets work to prevent the loss of bolt load while ensuring seal integrity.

Maximum operating temperature and pressure are highly dependent on one another, and the medium being sealed. That said, a rough guideline for this material is:

Temperature: +300°C (Steam) & +500°C for some other applications.

Pressure: 100 BAR

We really do suggest utilising the attached Topgraph 2000 Data Sheet though as this includes pT diagrams showing the inter-relationship between maximum pressure and temperature.

This high-quality gasket fibre is also resistant to cracking at elevated temperatures and is very flexible. It can be cut easily and has very good chemical resistance. It has also been approved for use with a variety of different media. Some of these certifications and approvals include:

  • DIN-DVGW Permit No. NG-5123AU0381 for use in sealing gas.
  • BAM approval in accordance with UVV 28, oxygen (VGB 62) tested up to 130 bar and 95°C for gaseous oxygen.
  • KTW-recommended for water sealing.
  • Meets the technical requirements of BS 7531:2006 Grade AX.
  • TA-Luft (Clean Air) Certificate acc. VDI 2440.

Klingersil Topgraph 2000 is available in a selection of thicknesses and sheet sizes. If can be cut with a Stanley knife or gasket cutting equipment. The surface is very resistant to adhesion and the material can be stored for an extended period (a cool, dark place is suggested) without noticeable degradation in performance. 

Typical Applications for Topgraph 2000 Graphite Gasket Sheet

Because of its combination of strength and flexibility at high temperatures, Klingersil Topgraph 2000 Graphite Gasket Sheet is typically used for sealing elevated temperatures. Examples include:

  • Gaskets for exhaust systems on boats and ships.
  • Automotive gaskets and seals.
  • High temperature washers.
  • Temperature resistant sealing strips.
  • High temperature flange and pipe gaskets.

How to Buy Klingersil Topgraph 2000 Gasket Material Online.

This page lists our range of small, cut sheets of Topgraph-2000 Gasket Material. Our online store also has this quality gasket sheet in a number of other sheet sizes; links to each are included at the bottom of this page.

In addition to these standard sizes, we are also able to provide custom cut sheets, gaskets & seals made from Topgraph. To enquire about a specific size, please do contact us.

Colour Black (Branded on one side)
Compressibility (ASTM F 36 J) 10%  
Recovery (ASTM F 36 J) 60% Minimum
Stress Relaxation (DIN 52913) 50 MPa 50 MPa, 16 hours / 300°C
Klinger Cold / Hot Compression
(50 MPa)
Thickness Decrease at 23°C
Thickness Decrease at 300°C
Tightness According to DIN 3535/6 0.5 ml/min  
Density 1.75 g/cm³  
Soluble Cloride Content <50ppm  
Immersion In Oil JRM 903
5 Hours @ 150°C
Thickness Increase
Weight Increase
Immersion in Fuel B
5 Hours @ 23°C
Thickness Increase
Weight Increase
Immersion in Water
5 Hours @ 100°C
Thickness Increase
Weight Increase
ASME Code Sealing Factors
Y = 25 MPa
M = 4 MPa
Tightness Class 0.1 mg / s x m

For more technical information, please refer to our Klingersil Topgraph 2000 Data Sheet.


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Technical Data Sheet.

Klingersil Topgraph 2000 Graphite Gasket Material Data Sheet      

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