Rust Loosener Fluid Spray - NSF H1 Corrosion Removal & Protection - 400ml

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  • NSF H1 Approved Penetrating, Lubricating & Cleaning Spray.
  • Penetrates the smallest cavities to loosen rust, corrosion and oxidation.
  • Cleans metals, mechanical parts and electrical systems and protects them against corrosion.
  • Loosens seized mechanisms and components.

Our Rust Loosener Fluid Spray is a specially developed, multi-purpose lubricant, cleaner and protection spray. This high quality, industrial-grade spray is approved by NSF as a H1 Lubricating Spray that can be used in food processing and beverage manufacturing applications.

Manufactured by Weicon in Germany, this penetrating and lubricating oil has numerous features and capabilities. These are explained in more detail in the following sections:

NSF H1 Lubricating Spray.

Weicon Rust Loosener Fluid Spray has been tested and approved by NSF as a H1 Class lubricating spray. This allows it to be used in all kinds of areas in the food and beverage sector, even where incidental contact with food may be possible.

Loosens Corroded, Oxidised or Rusted Parts and Components.

Our Rust Loosener Fluid Spray is a highly effective penetrating oil that helps break down rust and corrosion. It is used for loosening all kinds of rusted and seized screw connections, bolts, levers, joints and hinges.

It is also used to loosen up seized mechanisms. It can even be used on electrical connections and contacts for cleaning and lubrication (they should be disconnected first).

Excellent Penetration Properties and Creep.

Part of the effectiveness of Rust Loosener Fluid Spray comes from its outstanding penetration properties. This quality oil penetrates deep into tiny cavities and hard to reach areas to breakdown rust.

Once applied, it leaves behind a protective residue to protect these same areas from the return of rust in the future while helping keep them lubricated and clean.

Effective Cleaner.

Rust Loosener Fluid Spray is also an efficient, safe and effective cleaning spray that can be used on all kinds of metal and most other surfaces (not plastic or varnished materials). It protects these surfaces from corrosion and is very long lasting.

Common Applications for Rust Loosener Fluid Spray.

Because of its NSF H1 certification, Rust Loosener Fluid Spray is a popular choice for maintenance, lubrication and cleaning work in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries all around the world.

It is also used as an all-round penetrating oil, rust remover, lubricant and cleaning spray in all kinds of other sectors where this work needs to be done around food preparation areas.

Colour (as applied) Beige
Odour Almost Odourless
Temperature Resistance -20°C to +150°C
Minimum Shelf Life 24 Months
SKU SWM000285B01V0001
Model # 11154400
Brand Weicon