Weiconlock Activator F - 60ml Pen

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  • Speeds up the cure of all the types of Weiconlock Threadlockers and Liquid Gasket Adhesives.
  • Recommended when working with passive metals.
  • Indispensible at low temperatures (+10°C and below).
  • Can be used in conjunction with Weiconlock Threadlockers to lock plastic bolts and fasteners.

Our Weiconlock Activator F is a type of surface primer used with our Weiconlock range of threadlockers and liquid gaskets. This easy to use liquid is applied onto the surfaces that will be beonded. Let is dry for about 2 minutes then apply the Weiconlock.

Activator F is especially useful in any of the following situations:

  • When you need to bridge larger gaps with the adhesive. Each type of Weiconlock has it's max gap bridging capacity listed on the product page. Use of the activator increases this.
  • When working at low temperatures (10°C or below).
  • Threadlocking of passive metals.
  • Creating liquid gaskets for passsive metals.
  • When working with non-metallic (plastic) fasteners.
SKU SWM000496B01
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