Wood Repair Stick - 28gm

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  • Fast, easy and permanent repair, filling and bonding solution for wooden parts.
  • Bonds well to a variety of types of wood as well as plastics, metals, glass and more.
  • Stes hard making it perfect for reattaching broken pieces and parts.
  • Cures with very little shrinkage and has a density close to that of wood (remarkably, it floats).

Weicon Wood Repair Stick is a fast and easy way to make permanent repairs to all kinds of wooden objects and surfaces. This type bonds well to all kinds of wood (including MDF, plywood, oak, balsa, spruce and beech) and can be easily shaped by hand. Once cured, Weicon Wood Repair Stick is beige in colour.

Using Weicon Wood Repair Sticks is simple, cut off the amount you want, knead and apply. They’ll cover gaps of up to 15mm and will reach 50% of their final strength after 60 minutes. They’ve been specially designed to have a density close to wood and even float. They’ll cure with very little shrinkage and are the perfect solution for quick repairs and patches to cracks, holes, gaps and broken off parts. 

 Applications for Wood Repair Stick

  • Fixing broken parts on wooden toys, furniture and objects
  • Filling unwanted holes
  • Repairs to wooden picture frames
  • Filing gaps between boards
  • Sealing around balustrades, skirts and joinery
  • Cabinet making
  • Model making

Wood Repair Stick Adhesion Compatibility with Various Material Types

Metal (e.g. stainless steel, brass, cast iron, aluminium) Compatible
Hard Plastics* (e.g. epoxy laminates, rigid PVC) Compatible
Wood (e.g. oak, beech, spruce, balsa) Highly Compatible
Derived Timber Products (e.g. plywood, MDF) Highly Compatible
Fibre Reinforced Materials (e.g. GFRP, CFRP, Fibreglass) Compatible
Glass, Ceramics Compatible
Stone (e.g. granite, brick, concrete, marble) Compatible
Rubber Elastomers Not Compatible

*Performance will vary depending on the exact type of plastic being bonded. Generally, low surface energy plastics will be much harder to bond to then high surface energy (such as rigid PVC).

Colour LIght Beige (Once Cured)
Continuous Operating Temperature -50°C to 120°C
Short-Term Operating Temperature 150°C (2 Hours Maximum)
Maximum Gap Filling 15mm
Basis Epoxy Resin with Mineral Fillers
Food Grade No
Potable Water No
Density 0.9 g/cm³
Pot Life (for 25gm at 20°C) 15 Minutes
Handling Strength (35% of Final) 45 Minutes
Mechanical Strength (50% of Final) 60 Minutes
Final Strength (100%) 24 Hours
Shore Hardness 70 Shore D
Dielectric Strength 3 kV/mm
ISSA Reference Number 75.530.12 (28gm) / 75.530.13 (56gm)
IMPA Reference Number 81 29 71 (28gm) / 81 29 72 (56gm)


SKU SWM000021B01
Brand Weicon

Can it be painted?

Yes, once fully cured. All our Weicon Repair Sticks can be painted.

Can it be sanded?

Yes, once Wood Repair Sticks have completely cured (this will take around 24 hours) you’ll be able to drill, sand or tap them as required.

What should I do to prepare the surface?

Great question. To maximise adhesion, it’s really important to properly prepare the bonding surface by ensuring it is clean and dry. Try to get rid of any dust or loose wood particles (especially on things like MDF) as this will interfere with the putty's ability to bond to the actual surface. There’s a lot more information on surface preparation and application on both the Technical Data Sheet and the guide included with each pack.

What does pot life mean?

The amount of time you have to work with the material before it starts to cure.

How do I store any putty I don’t use?

In our experience, the best way to store unused Weicon Repair Sticks is to put it back in the tube it came in, put the lid back on and either keep in a cool, dark and dry place,

What is it made from?

Weicon Wood Repair Stick is made from a combination of epoxy resin with mineral fillers. It’s a two-part epoxy putty that only begins to set once it’s mixed. Conveniently though, both parts are together in the one stick and once you cut off the amount you want and knead it, they’re mixed. There’s more information on precise contents on the attached Safety Data Sheet.