Aqua Repair Stick - 57gm

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  • Able to be applied to wet or damp areas
  • Can also be used underwater
  • Bonds and adheres to a wide range of materials and surface types

Weicon Aqua Repair Stick is a simple option for making fast yet lasting repairs in wet, damp or submerged areas. This special type of epoxy putty will bond to wet surfaces which makes it ideal for repairing things that can’t be dried off (such as a leaking tank). This ability to bond to wet or damp surfaces is further augmented by the fact that Aqua Repair Sticks bond well to a wide variety of materials including metals, hard plastics, glass, ceramics, stone (e.g. marble, sandstone) and more. 

Weicon Aqua Repair Stick is manufactured in Germany from special epoxy resin which is filled with ceramic particles. They are a two-part epoxy putty but, thanks to the special design, are very easy to use and require no special measuring. The one tube contains both parts so all you need to do is cut off the amount you require, knead it and stick. 

Pot life for Aqua Repair Sticks is 15 minutes and, assuming normal working climate, will achieve handling strength (35% of final) after about 30 minutes. When fully cured it will be white in colour and withstand ongoing exposure to temperatures between -50°C and 120°C (or up to 150°C for an hour or two).

Applications for Aqua Repair Stick

  • Repairs, hole patching and reconditioning of fuel and water tanks
  • Repairs to radiators
  • Sealing around electrical switchboards
  • Repairs to sanitary installations
  • Swimming pool repairs
  • Sealing, fixing and patching heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment 
  • Light fitting repairs and sealing
  • Repair, crack filling, hole filling and recondition of components in the marine sector.

Aqua Repair Stick Adhesion Compatibility with Various Material Types

Metal (e.g. stainless steel, brass, cast iron, aluminium) Highly Compatible
Hard Plastics* (e.g. epoxy laminates, rigid PVC) Highly Compatible
Wood (e.g. oak, beech, spruce, balsa) Compatible
Derived Timber Products (e.g. plywood, MDF) Compatible
Fibre Reinforced Materials (e.g. GFRP, CFRP, Fibreglass) Compatible
Glass, Ceramics Highly Compatible
Stone (e.g. granite, brick, concrete, marble) Highly Compatible
Rubber Elastomers Not Compatible

*Performance will vary depending on the exact type of plastic being bonded. Generally, low surface energy plastics will be much harder to bond to then high surface energy (such as rigid PVC).

Colour White (Once Cured)
Continuous Operating Temperature -50°C to 120°C
Short-Term Operating Temperature 150°C (2 Hours Maximum)
Maximum Gap Filling 15mm
Basis Epoxy Resin with Ceramic Fillers
Food Grade No
Potable Water No
Density 1.9 g/cm³
Pot Life (for 25gm at 20°C) 15 Minutes
Handling Strength (35% of Final) 30 Minutes
Mechanical Strength (50% of Final) 60 Minutes
Final Strength (100%) 24 Hours
Shore Hardness 65 Shore D
Dielectric Strength 3 kV/mm
ISSA Reference Number 75.530.02 (57gm) / 75.530.03 (115gm)
IMPA Reference Number 81 29 23 (57gm) / 81 29 24 (115gm)
SKU SWM000026B01
Brand Weicon

Does it shrink while curing?

Only a very tiny bit. Linear shrinkage is less than 1% during the curing process.

What do I cut bits off with?

Pretty much anything. Really, a butter knife will do the trick here. One thing worth remembering, since pot life is so quick make sure you just cut off and knead the amount you’re going to use immediately. Also, be sure to clean your cutting tool as quickly as possible as parts of the putty can stick and cure on it.

Are other colours available?

Not for this particular grade. That said, there are other types of Weicon Repair Sticks that may be suitable and these are different colours (e.g. Copper, Stainless Steel). Weicon Aqua Repair Stick can also be painted once it is fully cured.

Does it conduct electricity?

No. Being an epoxy resin based product, every type in our range of Weicon Repair Sticks are dielectric and have a dielectric strength of 3kV/mm according to ASTM D149 testing.

What if I don’t use the whole pack?

That’s fine. Just make sure you only mix the amount you need. Pot life doesn’t start until the two components are mixed which is why you need to cut off and knead just the amount you are going to use. It is suggested that any remains have their little foil cover put back over the end, be placed back in their tube, and be kept in the fridge if at all possible as this will extend the life of the product.