Flex 310M Crystal Clear Adhesive Sealant - 310ml

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  • Crystal clear / transparent adhesive
  • High bond strength and permanently elastic
  • Silicone free and suitable for indoor and outdoor use

Weicon Flex 310 M Crystal Clear Sealant is a high quality, German engineered and manufactured, grade of elastic adhesive that is completely transparent after curing. This adhesive and sealant creates is completely free of silicone, solvents, halogens and isocyanate and creates strong bonds to a range of materials.

Flex 310 M Crystal Clear Sealant is UV resistant and compatible with both fresh and salt water. It can be used indoors and outdoors and has also been certified by ISEGA as an adhesive for food technologies. It is crystal clear after curing and ideal for creating elastic joints where the adhesive should not or must not be visible.

Applications for Flex 310 M Crystal Clear Sealant

  • Tank sealing, construction and repairs.
  • Electrical repairs.
  • Sealing around light fittings.
  • Shop fitting and displays.
  • Plastic processing.
  • Automotive, aerospace and marine interior work.
  • Mounting clear plastic panels.
  • Heating, air conditioning and ventilation work.
  • Metal construction.
  • Anywhere silicone adhesives are not suitable or permitted.
Property Typical Value Standard
Colours Transparent (Crystal) -
Basis 1 Component Polyoxypropylener -
Viscosity Pasty -
Stability / Run-off <1mm ASTM D 222
Density 1.06 g/cm³ -
Curing Conditions +5°C to 40°C w/ 30%-95% Relative Humidity. -
Skin-Over Time 10 MInutes 50% Relative Humidity, 23°C.
Cure Speed (First 24 Hours) 2-3mm -
Volume Change -1% DIN 52451
Cure Type Humidity -
Max. Gap Filling Depth 5mm -
Max. Gap Filling Width 25mm -
Shore Hardness 40 Shore A (+/- 5) DIN 535 / ASTM D 224
Elongation at Break 300% (+/- 5) DIN 53504 / ASTM D 2240
Tensile Strength of the Pure Adhesive Sealant 3.0 N/mm² -
Average Tensile Shear Strength 2.0 N/mm² DIN 53283 / ASTM D 12
Tear Strength 19 N/mm² DIN 53515 / ASTM D 1002
Max. Movement Capacity 20% -
Overpaintable w/ Liquid Paint No. -
Building Material Category Code B 2 DIN 412
Temperature Resisance -40°C to +90°C Continuous
Up to 120°C for Short Periods.
Minimum Shelf Life 12 Months when stored at 5°C to 25°C -
SKU SWM000041B01V0001
Model # 13308310
Brand Weicon

Do I need any special equipment to use this?

No. Weicon Flex 310 M Crystal Clear Sealant can be applied using standard caulking guns.  

How long does it take to cure?

Elastic adhesives cure by reacting with the humidity in the surrounding environment so cure time is impacted by both the room temperature and humidity. Assuming 50% relative humidity and a temperature of about 23°C, you can expect curing to occur at a rate of 2-3mm per 24 hours. This is measured from the sealants surface working in.

In higher temperatures and/or humidity, curing will be accelerated. Skin over time is 10 minutes (approximately).