Refrasil Silica Sleeving - 9.5mm ID, Heavy Wall (1.65mm), Per Metre

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  • Premium Quality Insulation Sleeve for Extreme Temperatures.
  • Available in a Range of Sizes.
  • Braided from high purity silica yarns to form a sleeving that withstands up to 982°C (1,800°F).
  • Sold by the linear metre in both standard & heavy wall styles.

For the most extreme temperature environments, we offer our Refrasil Sleeving. This industrial-grade thermal insulation product is manufactured in the USA from pure silica yarns. It is an excellent thermal insulator, absolutely fireproof and resists attack from most chemicals.

We are pleased to offer this high-quality insulation sleeve by the metre. It is available in two different configurations; standard wall & heavy wall. Standard wall Refrasil Sleeving has a nominal wall thickness of 0.81mm. Heavy wall is twice as thick with a nominal wall thickness of 1.65mm.

For more information on the available sizes, maximum stretch, thermal, mechanical & electrical properties of this high-quality sleeve, please see the sections below.

Refrasil Silica Sleeve – Sizes and Physical Characteristics.

Wall Type Nominal ID Wall Thickness Maximum ID
Standard Wall 19mm (0.75") 0.81mm 24.1mm (0.95")
Standard Wall 25.4mm (1") 1.65mm 34.3mm (1.35")
Standard Wall 38.1mm (1.5") 1.65mm 63.5mm (2.5")
Standard Wall 50.8mm (2") 1.65mm 81.28mm (3.2")
Standard Wall 63.5mm (2.5") 1.65mm 83.82mm (3.3")
Heavy Wall 9.5mm (0.375") 1.65mm 10.16mm (0.4")
Heavy Wall 12.7mm (0.5") 1.65mm 15.24mm (0.6")
Heavy Wall 25.4mm (1") 1.65mm 27.94mm (1.1")
Heavy Wall 38.1mm (1.5") 1.65mm 40.64mm (1.6")
Heavy Wall 50.8mm (2") 1.65mm 53.34mm (2.1")

Enhanced Thermal Protection.

Refrasil Silica Sleeve has been used in the most demanding industrial applications for decades. Both the standard and the heavy wall varieties provide exceptional thermal protection and are widely used for protecting hydraulic hoses and electrical cables, as insulation for exhaust systems and much more.

Refrasil Sleeving with withstand continuous exposure to temperatures up to 982°C (1,800°F).

These sleevings maintain their physical strength and excellent flexibility up to this temperature. They are completely fireproof and extremely long lasting. Time and time again, Refrasil Sleeving has been selected for use in plants and equipment due to its consistent, lasting performance.

Flexible, Easy to Handle and Install.

Refrasil Sleeve is made from pure silica. These yarns are braided to form a high-density sleeve that is very flexible, easy to handle and install.

One of the benefits of using the thinner wall sleeve is its high degree of potential expandability. As the table above specifies, standard wall Refrasil can be stretched to make installation easier, or to cover junctions or terminations.

Regardless of the style, all Refrasil Silica Sleeve’s are very easy to handle. They can be easily cut with scissors or shears and remain flexible despite long-term exposure to extreme temperatures.

Durable with Good Chemical and Environmental Resistance.

All Refrasil high temperature insulation textiles are pure silica products with the heat insulation capabilities of a refractory material. Like the other styles in this family, Refrasil Sleeve is relatively inert and resists most chemicals.

These sleevings are resistant to oxidation and most corrosive solutions. They will not degrade in the presence of water. Refrasil High Temperature Sleeve’s are often used to protect cables, hoses and piping from molten metal splash, sparks and radiant heat.

Electrically Insulating.

Refrasil Silica Sleeving is widely used for the insulation and protection of electrical cables, wires and lines in high heat environments. As an added benefit, Refrasil Sleeve is also dielectric. It has a reasonable dielectric strength of 40 volts/mil of wall thickness which makes it suitable for use as primary insulation on some low voltage lines, or secondary insulation in higher voltage applications.

Popular Applications for Refrasil Silica Sleeve.

  • The insulation of very high temperature exhausts.
  • The insulation and protection of water-cooling hoses in the hydraulic and metal working sectors.
  • Protecting cables and hoses used in glass manufacturing equipment.
  • As dual-purpose electrical and thermal insulation for cables exposed to high heat or potential radiant heat.
  • Fireproofing hoses and cables.
Colour White
Maximum Continuous Operating Temperature 982°C (1,800°F)
Melting Point >1,650°C
Silica Content of Base Fibre 96% Minimum
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Brand SGL Carbon