Electro Contact Cleaner Spray - 400ml

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  • Specially designed for cleaning and degreasing electrical and electronic components
  • Used on all kinds of soiled or corroded contacts to increase conductivity and reduce voltage loss
  • High purity formula removes oxide/sulphide layers, combustion residues and resinous or sooty soiling

Electro Contact Cleaner Spray is a specialised, high-quality cleaning spray designed specifically for use on electrical, electronic and mechanical components. Electro Contact Cleaner effectively cleans and degreases all kinds of soiled and/or corroded contacts and is widely used in the electrical repair, mining, marine, engineering, automotive and DIY sectors worldwide.

Manufactured in Germany by Weicon, this spray is based on a special formulation of high purity solvents that allows it to clean without damaging the contacts. It is a fast acting and effective cleaning spray that removes oxide layers, sulphide layers, combustion residues or resinous or sooty soiling.

By cleaning the contacts, Electro Contact Cleaner reduces voltage loss and increases electrical conductivity. This allows devices to operate at higher levels of efficiency and minimises the risk of damage caused by tracking current which can be enabled through contamination.

Weicon Electro Contact Cleaner Spray is transparent / colourless. Its lets off a solvent-like smell when being used. After application, Electro Contact Cleaner Spray will evaporate and will not leave behind any residues that may impair part performance. Wiping or brushing will enhance the cleaning effect. 

Applications for Electro Contact Cleaner Spray

  • Cleaning and degreasing of electrical switches
  • Removing oil, dirt or other contaminants from battery contacts
  • Cleaning measuring instruments and tools
  • Switchboard maintenance and cleaning
  • Cleaning junctions, terminals and fittings
  • Cleaning and degreasing electrical connections and cables
  • Removing contaminants from electrical switches and sensors
  • Cleaning relays
  • Cleaning electrical contacts

Please note; equipment should be completely powered down and unplugged before any of their components and cleaned with Electro Contact Cleaner.

Colour Colourless / Clear
Scent Solvent
Minimum Shelf-Life  24 Months
IMPA 45 08 08
ISSA 53.402.22
SKU SWM000113B01V0001
Model # 11210400
Brand Weicon

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