O Ring Making Kit - Nitrile Rubber

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  • Everything you need to make your own Nitrile Rubber O Rings.
  • Includes 5 Different Sizes of O Ring Cord, Safety Knife and Cleaning Spray.
  • Also Includes our VA 30 (specialised rubber-filled super glue) and our CA Primer.

Getting everything you need to make your own O Rings is easy with our Nitrile Rubber O Ring Kit. This kit contains everything you need to make custom size O Rings including a selection of O Ring Cords, a high quality glue, special safety knife and cleaning spray.

With this kit, you can quickly make replacement O Rings as required. It’s perfect for those who work in situations where machine downtime can’t be tolerated and sourcing a replacement seal may take too long.

Put together by Weicon in Germany, our O Ring Kit contains only quality components. These are…

High Quality Nitrile Rubber O Ring Cord.

Made from solid NBR (Nitrile Butadiene Rubber), a 1 metre length of 5 different sizes are included in the kit. Specifically:

  • 2mm Diameter
  • 3mm Diameter
  • 4mm Diameter
  • 6mm Diameter
  • 8mm Diameter

Other sizes and additional lengths are also available from Swift. You can browse our range of O Ring Cords here.

Surface Cleaner Spray

One of the most important steps in making your own O Rings is getting a good, strong bond when you glue the two ends together. The first step in achieving this, making sure the bonding surfaces are clean and grease-free.

Weicon Surface Cleaner Spray is a high quality industrial-grade cleaning spray designed specifically for preparing surfaces before bonding. 1 x 150ml Aerosol Spray is included in each kit.

Safety Knife

The Weicon Safety Knife has been specially designed to cut cords, plastic and the tops of adhesives cleanly and, most importantly, safely. The blade is housed within a protected opening which keeps your fingers away from sharp edges.

This quality knife is included in the kit because it reliably cuts the rubber cords and helps you achieve the perfectly aligned end cuts that will assist with seal bonding.

VA 30 Black Rubber Filled Super Glue

VA 30 is a special type of super glue that is ideal for Nitrile O Ring making. Most super glues will stick Nitrile Rubber, VA 30 is different. It’s filled with rubber which allows it to remain a little more flexible once it’s cured. This is important for making rubber O Rings as these seals still need to be able to compress and flex once they’re made.

A 12gm tube of VA 30 Black is included with every one of our O Ring Kits with Nitrile Rubber. This tube utilises Weicon’s patented pen design which makes applying the glue to small section O Ring cords (e.g. 2mm) far more accurate.

Contact Primer for Polyolefins.

The weakest point on a cold-joined O Ring is usually the join. With the inclusion of our Contact Primer for Polyolefins and the special VA 30 Glue, we take this weakness and turn it into a strength. VA 30 can bond Nitrile without the primer, but it’s bond strength is increased significantly with the use of the primer.

A 10ml bottle of this special primer is included in the kit. By using this before applying the glue, you can expect to achieve bond strengths that exceed the tensile strength of the rubber cord. In other words, the join is no longer the weak point. It will now be a point of strength.

SKU SWM000228B01V0001
Model # 12508030
Brand Weicon