Silica Insulation Cloth with Black Oxide Coating - 1.5mm Thick x 914mm Wide (Per Metre)

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  • High performance thermal fabric that withstands 982°C.
  • Black oxide finish reduces glare making it ideal for welding blankets.
  • Good physical properties and media resistance.
  • 1.5mm Thick cloth available by the metre (914mm wide).
  • Manufactured in the USA to tight tolerance and standards.

Our Black Silica Cloth is a specialised grade of heat resistant insulation fabric designed for extreme temperatures and environments. This cloth consists of a base layer of woven amorphous silica that is coated with a black oxide finish giving it its colour.

The black finish helps reduce glare and makes it exceptionally well suited for use in making welding blankets, screens and as an insulation cloth in areas where a black colour is desired.

Available by the linear metre (rolls are 914mm wide), this high-performance insulation fabric offers a variety of benefits; some of which include:

Excellent High Temperature Resistance and Thermal Performance.

Black Silica Insulation Cloth from Swift Supplies has a maximum continuous operating temperature of 982°C. At that point, its insulation performance diminishes significantly but the cloth itself can withstand higher temperatures.

Melting point for this fabric is 1350°C.

At temperatures up to 982°C, our Black Silica is a highly effective insulation fabric the inhibits heat transference. Given the environments it is designed for, it is no surprise that this high-quality cloth is manufactured to tight tolerances. It contains 95% amorphous silica (SiO2) and 5% Aluminium Oxide (AI2O3).

Good Chemical and Media Resistance.

Our Black Silica Cloth is fire resistant and even resists damage from molten metal. It also withstands radiant heat and is compatible with most aggressive chemicals and media.

Easy to Fabricate and Work With.

Despite its strength, our black silica cloth is extremely flexible, durable and easy to work with. It can be sewn using standard equipment and cut with a good quality Stanley knife or scissors.

Unlike fibreglass, silica cloth does not usually cause skin irritation on most people.

The cloth does not fray as easily as fibreglass though care is suggested when cutting.

Good Physical Properties.

Our Black Silica Cloth is manufactured to a finished weight of 1200 grams per square metre. It utilises a tight, woven construction and does not easily catch or tear.

This industrial insulation fabric has a tensile strength of 3000 N / 25mm in the warp direction, 2500 N / 25mm in the fill.

Typical Applications for Black Silica Cloth.

Like all the silica insulation fabrics in our range, this cloth is used for high temperature insulation work. Some specific, recurring examples we see include:

  • High temperature welding screens and curtains
  • Heat shields for automotive applications
  • Thermal insulation for high traffic areas
  • Heat resistant mufflers and silencers
  • Stress relieving blankets
  • Pipe insulation
  • Pump insulation covers
  • Insulating seals and gaskets
  • Fireproof building insulation
Colour Black
Thickness 1.5mm
Coating Black Oxide
Roll Width 914mm
Maximum Continuous Operating Temperature 982°C
Melting Point 1,350°C
Silica Content of Base Fibre 95% Minimum
Tensile Strength 3000 N / 25mm (Warp)
2500 N / 25mm (FIll)
Linear Shrinkage <14% at 1,000°C for 30 Minutes
Composition 95% amorphous silica (SiO2) +/-1%
5% Aluminium Oxide (AI2O3) +/- 0.5%
SKU SWM000164B01V0001

How long is a Full Roll?

Full rolls of our Black Silica Cloth are 45.7 Metres (50 Yeards) in length. This is the maximum number of metres we can supply in a single continuous length.

If I order 10 Metres, will I get 2 x 5 or 1 x 10mtr roll?

We will always supply in one continuous length whenever possible to maximise utility. The upper limit is 45.7 metres. Any order for less than this will be supplied in a continuous length.