SwitchPanel Type X - 6mm Thick x 600mm x 600mm

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  • Rigid electrical insulation board that can be sawn, drilled or tapped easily.

  • Easy to clean, non-sparking, non-corrosive and good temperature stability.

  • Manufactured to meet Australian standard AS 1795 – 1983.

  • Available in a selection of thicknesses and sheet sizes.

Switch Panel Type X is a tough, strong electrical insulation board used in a number of different applications. These include the manufacture of bus bar supports, arc shields and, most commonly for switchboard panels and meter boards.

This page lists our 600mm Square Sheets of SwitchPanel. Other sizes are also available online and links to these are included at the bottom of this page. We can also produce custom size sheets and cut parts. For information on these, please do contact us.

This rigid electrical insulation material is manufactured from phenolic resin. The result is a highly durable sheet that has excellent physical properties. Switch Panel Type X exhibits very high impact resistance along with good resistance to abrasion and dimensional stability. It has a very low moisture absorption rate.

Meter Panel also offers excellent electrical and chemical resistance performance. It is non-sparking, non-conductive, non-corrosive and resistant to microbial attack. The tech data sheet on the resources tab has a full breakdown of Switch Panels technical characteristics.

This rigid sheet can be cut, sawn or drilled without any excessive chipping, splitting, delamination or cracking. It contains absolutely no asbestos and is chemically inert.

Applications for SwitchPanel.

  • Switchboard panels.

  • Meter boards.

  • Bus bar supports.

  • Arc chutes.

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