Automatic Cable Stripper No. 7 F Flat Magic

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  • Professional quality Automatic Cable & Wire Stripper suitable for multi-strand flat cables and round cables.
  • Perfect for stripping 2 or 3 core PVC insulated flat cables in two pulls of the trigger.
  • Also suitable for stripping flexible and solid round cables.
  • Features include automatic adjustment to cable size, adjustable length scale, resistance adjustment switch and an integrated cutter in the handle.

Our Automatic Cable Stripper No. 7 Flat Magic is a professional grade cable & wire stripper that is fast, accurate and versatile. Designed and manufactured in Germany, this quality electrical tool can precisely strip the insulation from flat, multi-core cables as well as a wide range of round wires and cables.

Amongst its many features, this stripper automatically adjusts to the cable size used (no need for setting it when working with different cables), can handle a variety of cable types and can be easily adjusted to strip back different lengths of insulation (8mm to 24mm range).

In addition, our No. 7 Flat Magic Stripper also features an adjustment switch for changing the resistance of the action (useful when working with harder insulation sheathing) and an integrated side cutter. More information on these, and other aspects of its design, is included below:

Strip Flat, Multi-Core Cables in Two Easy Steps.

The highlight of this cable stripper (and what sets it apart from our standard No. 7 Magic) is its ability to strip flat, multi-strand cables in two pulls of the trigger.

To do so, simply place the cable end into the stripper and pull the trigger. This will remove the outer sheath. Repeat, if desired, to strip the individual wires.

Our Automatic Cable Stripper No. 7 Flat Magic can strip PVC insulated flat cables from 0.75mm² to 4mm² cross section in a single action. The specially designed knives are perfect for this. The adjustable tensioner (located on the top of the tool at the rear) is also useful for making increasing or decreasing the amount of resistance and force used depending on the toughness of the insulation.

Like with all other cable types, there’s no need to adjust the tool for the size of the cable your stripping. It’ll automatically adjust to just remove the insulation, leaving the conductor perfectly intact.

Strip a Variety of Round Cables and Wires with One Tool.

Our No. 7 Flat Cable Stripper will strip a variety of round cables and wires. 

Generally, most flexible round cables between 0.5mm² and 16mm² (24 – 10 AWG) can be stripped with this tool. It can also handle solid round cables between 0.5mm² and 10mm² (18-15 AWG). From 10mm², cables must be stripped in two stages (pull the trigger twice).

Automatic Adjustment to Different Cable Sizes.

One the best features of our No. 7 Flat Magic is the automatic adjustments it makes for different sizes of cable. There’s no need to set it or adjust it when working with different wires, the tool does this for you.

This means less time spent adjusting settings and faster cable stripping. It also reduces the potential for error and stripping away conductor by mistake.

Adjust the Length of Insulation Stripped.

When you need to adjust the amount of insulation you remove, this is easy. The No. 7 Flat Magic features an adjustable optical scale with 5 stops. It allows you to set a stripping range between 8mm and 24mm in length.

This makes it fast, simple and easy to bare a lot or a little of the conductor.

For longer stripping jobs, the No. 7 Flat Magic Wire Stripper features an open barrel design. This lets you feed the cable through the stripper, pull the trigger and strip back the desired length. Limitations using this method only really apply based on what’s practical to strip in one go.

Adjust for Different Insulation Types and Trigger Resistance Preferences.

At the top of the stripper is a five-step adjustment switch. This changes the amount of force required to pull the trigger and the subsequent amount of biting force exerted on the insulation. This makes this tool easy to adjust for preferences around trigger resistance, or to increase force when you’ve got to strip away some tough insulation.

Integrated Side Cutter for Quickly Cutting Cables.

Also built into this high quality, German-made cable stripper is a handy side-cutter. Located safely away at the top of the handle, this can be used to cut cables up to 3mm Ø.

High Quality Tool Designed for Professionals.

This high-quality tool is designed for the rigours of professional use and has been designed and manufactured by Weicon in Germany. It features blades made from the highest quality steel from Solingen and a casing made from fibreglass reinforced polyamide.

Despite its toughened design, the No. 7 Flat Wire Stripper weighs just 217gm and has an overall length of 170mm so it won’t take up too much room in the toolbox or weigh down a tool-belt. It has been safety tested by TUV Nord in Europe.

High Quality Steel Knife Blades used with No. 7 F Flat Cable Stripping ToolReplacement blades are available upon request.


Cable Type Fine Wired and Solid Conductors
Field of Use Flat Cables: 0.75mm² to 4mm²
Flexible Cables: 0.5mm² to 16mm²
Solid Cables: 0.5mm² to 10mm²
Inner Blade Replaceable
Additional Features / Benefits Side Cutter, Cuts up to 3mm Ø Cable
Adjustable Length Scale.
Adjustable Force.
Approvals / Certifications Safety Tested by TUV NORD
Material Fibreglass Reinforced Polyamide
Length 170mm
Weight 217gm
Accessories Replacement Blade Set. Item No. 51100006


SKU SWM000195B01V0001
Model # 51001007
Brand Weicon