Black Colour Paste - 250ml

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  • Specialised colouring agent designed specifically for urethane or epoxy resins.
  • Manufactured from dispersed colour pigments to ensure even colouring.
  • Our Black Colour Paste has been designed for colouring Weicon Urethanes (45, 60 and 80) and our Epoxy Casting Resin MS 1000.

Manufactured for a base of finely dispersed colouring pigments, this paste is added to the resin component of either the epoxy or urethane before the hardener is added.

The result is a well dispersed, even black colouring of the final epoxy or urethane. This black colouring paste is manufactured in Germany by Weicon and designed specifically for use with their Urethane 45, Urethane 60, Urethane 80 and Epoxy Casting Resin products. It may work with other brands, but we would suggest a test with a small quantity to be sure.

How to Use Black Colour Paste with Epoxies or Urethanes.

Before the paste is added, it must be stirred carefully.

Once done, it can be added to the resin component of either the Urethane or Epoxy Casting Resin. The maximum amount of colour paste that can be added varies according to product type and is detailed below:

Weicon Urethane 45, 60 or 80 – 8% max.

Weicon Casting Resin MS-1000 – 5% max.

This maximum dosage refers to the total weight (resin and hardener) of the mixture to which you are adding the paste. E.G. If you were adding colour paste to a 1kg kit of casting resin, the maximum you could add is 50gm (5% of 1,000gm).

Once the colour paste is added, it is important that the resin and paste are thoroughly mixed for at least four minutes. This should be done carefully to ensure no bubbles are formed.

After this, the hardener components can be added and all components should then be mixed thoroughly.

SKU SWM000527B01V0001
Model # 10519250
Brand Weicon

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