Liquid Epoxy Adhesives & Coatings

Easy-Mix HT-180 High Temperature Epoxy Adhesive - 50ml

High temperature resistant epoxy glue that withstands 180°C continuous or 230°C short-term. Easy-Mix HT 180 is strong, impact and shock resistant and able to cover larger gaps (4mm). Ideal for bonding parts that will be powder coated or exposed to heat.


Easy-Mix Metal Epoxy Adhesive - 50ml

A strong, viscous and fast curing epoxy adhesive; Easy-Mix Metal is widely used for the permanent bonding of metal parts. It has a fast cure time and is extremely easy to use as a result of the Easy-Mix Dosing System.


Easy-Mix S 50 Epoxy Adhesive - High Strength, Fast Curing

An extremely high strength adhesive, our Easy-Mix S 50 Epoxy is ideal for high strength bonding of metal, plastic, wood, ceramic, stone, glass and more. It cures fast and is very easy to use thanks to the Easy-Mix Dosing System.

From $34.50

Epoxy Casting Resin MS 1000 - 1kg Kit

Unfilled epoxy resin designed for moulding, casting, bonding, surface coating or gap filling. Epoxy Casting Resin can be combined with various fibres or powders to create different appearances and sets hard. Widely used for maintenance and repair work.


Epoxy Minute Adhesive

Fast curing, high strength epoxy adhesive used on a wide range of materials. Epoxy Minute Adhesive can be dispensed by hand and requires no special tools. This adhesive is self-levelling, transparent and very easy to use.

From $18.90

Fast Metal Minute Adhesive

A fast curing, high strength epoxy glue for joining metals, plastic, ceramics, glass, wood, stone and more. Fast Metal Minute Adhesive requires no measuring, has a very pasty consistency and can sets fast to form strong, long lasting joins.

From $18.15