Primer E500 - Primer for Silicone Adhesives & Sealants - 250ml Can

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  • Developed for use with Weicon silicone adhesives & sealants.
  • Increases bond strength with non-absorbent materials such as metal, enamel, ceramic, glass and many plastics.
  • Highly compatible with all Weicon Silicones such as Black Seal, HT 300 High Temperature Silicone and our Gasket Maker Sealants.

Our Primer E500 from Weicon is a high-quality, industrial grade primer designed for use with their Silicone Adhesives and Sealants. This priming agent increases bond strength and activates the surface which allows you to create a good, strong, lasting bond and/or seal.

Available in 250ml cans, this primer has an extended evaporation time (aka reaction time). This means you must apply Primer E 500 at least 60 minutes before applying the adhesive.

The adhesive should be applied no later than 8 hours after you have applied the E500 Primer.

More information on this quality primer is included in the sections below:

Primer E500 Material Compatibility List.



Plastics, Rubbers, Resins and Compounds

  Material Silicone Adhesives & Sealants
  ABS Plastic Surface Cleaner + K200 Primer
  Acrylic Glass (PMMA) Surface Cleaner + K200 Primer
  Ceramic Surface Cleaner + E500 Primer
  Enamel Surface Cleaner + E500 Primer
  EPDM Rubber -
  Glass Untreated, Clear Surface Cleaner + E500 Primer
  Ceramic Coated Surface Cleaner + E500 Primer
  Glass Reinforced Plastic 
(Fibreglass, Epoxy, Polyester)
Smooth / Rough Side Surface Cleaner + E500 Primer
  Web Goods Surface Cleaner + E500 Primer
  Hard Laminate Surface Cleaner + E500 Primer
  PIR Hard Foam (Polyisocyanurate) Surface Cleaner, No Primer
  Polyamie (PA) Surface Cleaner + E500 Primer
  Polycarbonate Surface Cleaner + K200 Primer
  Polypropylene / Polyethylene (PP/PE) P400 Primer*
  Polystyrene Hard Foam P400 Primer*
  Panels, Impact Resistant Surface Cleaner, No Primer
  Polyurethane Elastomer Surface Cleaner, No Primer
  Hard Foam Surface Cleaner, No Primer
  PVC Hard Foam Surface Cleaner + E500 Primer
  Panels Surface Cleaner + E500 Primer

Metals & Wood

  Material Silicone Adhesives
  Aluminium Anodised Surface Cleaner + E500 Primer
  Bare Surface Cleaner + K200 Primer
  Chromated Surface Cleaner, Roughen + E500 Primer
  Painted Surface Cleaner + K200 Primer
  Powder Coated Surface Cleaner + K200 Primer
  Primed Surface Cleaner + K200 Primer
  Brass Surface Cleaner, Roughen + E500 Primer
  Copper Surface Cleaner, Roughen + E500 Primer
  Polywood Roughen Finely, Clean, No Primer
  Stainless Steel Surface Cleaner, Roughen + E500 Primer
  Steel Bare Surface Cleaner, No Primer
  Chromated Surface Cleaner, No Primer
  Galvanised Surface Cleaner + E500 Primer
  Painted Surface Cleaner + E500 Primer
  Powder Coated Surface Cleaner + E500 Primer
  Primed Surface Cleaner + E500 Primer

*Bonding tests are strongly reccommended for this material & adhesive combination.

Primer E500 Adhesive Compatibility List.

Weicon Primer E500 is designed for use with Weicon Silicone Based Elastic Adhesives. A full list of adhesives known to be compatible with this primer is included below.

Black Seal - Oil & Grease Resistant RTV Silicone

Black Seal Oil & Grease Resistant Silicone

HT 300 High Temperature Silicone

HT 300 High Temperature Silicone

Gasket Maker - Special Liquid RTV Gasket Silicone

Gasket Maker RTV Silicone Adhesive

Weicon Silicone A

Silicone A Acetic Cure Silicone

Weicon Silicone F

Silicone F Liquid, Self-Leveling Silicone

Weicon Silicone LP

Silicone LP, NSF Approved Acetic Cure Silicone

Silicone N, Neutral Cure Silicone

Silicone N Neutral Cure Silicone




Please note:

Primer E500 is not designed for use with MS Polymer or Urethane based adhesives.

This primer may work with other brand silicones. Tests are suggested though as it has not been tested extensively with other brands.

Basis Silicone Resin with Solvents
Density 0.78g/cm³
Consumption 100ml per Metre Squared
Processing Temperature +10°C to +25°C
Minimum Reaction / Evaporation Time 60 Minutes
Maximum Processing Time 8 HourS
Colour Slightly Yellow, Transparent


SKU SWM000403B01V0001
Model # 13558025
Brand Weicon