Easy-Mix RK-7300 Structural Acrylic Adhesive - 50gm

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  • Premium quality glue for hard to bond thermoplastics and low surface energy materials.
  • Fast curing, solvent-free construction adhesive.
  • High adhesive strength and suitable for static and dynamic loads.

Our Easy-Mix RK-7300 Structural Acrylic Adhesive is a very high-quality glue designed for the most demanding bonding jobs. This MMA (methyl methacrylate) adhesive exhibits excellent bond strength with hard to bond materials such as EPDM Rubber, Polyethylene, Polypropylene and even PTFE (Teflon).

Manufactured in Germany and used all around the world, RK-7300 has several benefits and features. These are explained in more detail in the sections below:

Suitable for Bonding Low Surface Energy Plastics.

The number one reason people reach for RK-7300 is the difficulty of bonding certain types of substrates. Low surface energy plastics such as PE or PP are extremely difficult to join with normal glues. The same goes for naturally adhesive rejecting polymers like EPDM and many types of polyurethane.

RK-7300 is a proven solution for joining these material types. It works with a long list of hard to bond materials; many of which are summarised in the table below:

Easy-Mix RK-7300 Shear Strength with Hard to Bond Materials Data.

Shear Strength (According to EN 1465)
POM (polyoxymethylene) 5 N/mm²
Polyethylene (High Density) - PE 5 N/mm²
Polypropylene - PP 6 N/mm²
PTFE (polytetrafluorethylene)  2 N/mm²
EPDM 1 N/mm²
Polyamide 6.6 3 N/mm²

Joining Different Material Types.

Another application for our RK 7300 is the joining of different material types. One example: we are often asked for a solution for sticking PTFE to metal. There’s two challenges to overcome here: almost nothing sticks to PTFE and the two materials will have different expansion coefficients which will put stress on any join.

The high viscosity nature of RK-7300 helps is solve this problem and is our go to suggestion for most jobs where PTFE must be glued to metal.

High Strength Structural Bonds.

This construction adhesive is relied on for making strong, lasting, permanent joins in many industries around the world. Bonds made using RK-7300 exhibit very high strength and are able to withstand the stresses of static or dynamic loads.

Easy-Mix RK-7300 has excellent impact resistance.

Fast Curing, High Viscosity Glue.

As it comes out of the special mixing nozzle, RK-7300 is a thick, pasty adhesive that can be applied very accurately to narrow bonding lines and material edges. It has a listed viscosity of 170,000 to 200,000 mPa∙s.

Though most thicker glues take a bit longer to cure, this isn’t really the case with RK-7300. This acrylic glue has a pot life of just 8 minutes and will achieve handling strength (about 35% of final) after about an hour.

Joins will be able to bear mechanical loads after 6 hours while full curing should be complete after 24 hours. These figures will vary a little depending on environmental conditions in which bonding is done.

Easy to Use thanks to the Easy-Mix System.

A special feature of RK-7300 is tiny glass beads in the mixture. This ensures that the bonding surfaces are kept just the tiniest bit apart (~0.25mm). This allows the adhesive to react and create a strong bond. In addition, this strong acrylic adhesive uses the Weicon Easy-Mix Dosing System which eradicates complex mixing and measuring and makes getting the right amount of glue, where you need it, simple.

Simply slot the container of RK-7300 into a compatible dispensing pistol (we suggest the Weicon D 50) and attach the Quadro Mixing Nozzle (one is included with each container). That’s it. When you pull the trigger the two parts that make up RK-7000 Acrylic Adhesive will be mixed as they travel along the nozzle so that, by the time they reach the surface, you have a single homogenous adhesive.

Spare mixing nozzles are also available, and the gun works with a variety of our adhesives, so you can mix and match depending on your particular requirements. 

Specifications for Easy-Mix RK 7300 MMA Adhesive.

Basis Methyl Methacrylate (MMA)
Colour After Curing Cream, Milky white
Density of the Mixture 1.00 g/cm³
Mixing Ratio 1:1
Viscosity of the Mixture 170,000 – 200,000 mPa∙s
Application Procedure Easy-Mix
Composition Pasty
Pot Life (at 20°C) 8 Minutes
Handing Strength (35% of Final) 60 Minutes
Capable of Bearing Mechanical Loads
(50% of Final)
480 Minutes
Processing Temperature +10°C to +40°C
Curing Temperature +18°C
Fully Cured (100%) 24 Hours
Adhesive Gap Bridging 0.25mm – 1mm
Temperature Resistance (After Curing) -50°C to +105°C
Shear Strength (According to EN 1465)
Aluminium 5 N/mm²
Sand Blasted Steel 5 N/mm²
Stainless Steel 4 N/mm²
Polycarbonate 6 N/mm²
PMMA 6 N/mm²
ABS 8 N/mm²
Hard PVC 11 N/mm²
Fibreglass Reinforced Polyester 7 N/mm²
Fibreglass Reinforced Epoxy 7 N/mm²
Polyamide 6.6 3 N/mm²
POM (polyoxymethylene) 5 N/mm²
Polyethylene (High Density) - PE 5 N/mm²
Polypropylene - PP 6 N/mm²
PTFE (polytetrafluorethylene)  2 N/mm²
EPDM 1 N/mm²
SKU SWM000265B01V0001
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