Silicone Fluid Spray NSF - 400ml

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  • Powerful silicone based lubricating spray for all kinds of surfaces.
  • Significantly reduces friction and enables easier movement of parts.
  • Fast acting and long lasting.
  • NSF H1 Approval for use in Food Grade Applications.

Our Silicone Fluid Spray is a specially formulated sliding spray based on silicone oil. This versatile spray can be used as a release agent, for wear reduction, for easing the movement of parts, and for general lubrication work.

Silicone Fluid Spray is also suitable for use as a protection and care agent. It can be applied to a variety of different surfaces types including plastics, metals, stainless steel and rubber. It works to keep parts lubricated and reduce and abrasion associated with movement and friction.

This specialised spray has been tested and approved in accordance with NSF H1 requirements for use in applications where food contact is possible. This has led to its widespread use in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries around the world.

Manufactured by Weicon in Germany, this spray is able to be used in a wide variety of areas in most plants and maintenance applications. It is transparent in colour and odourless as applied. It can also withstand a wide range of temperatures: -30°C to +250°C.

Typical Applications for Silicone Fluid Spray NSF.

Just like our Silicone Spray, this food-grade variation is used in a large variety of areas. It is typically selected when the application area involves the production, processing or distribution of food or beverage products:

  • Protecting rubber parts from moisture and preventing them from becoming brittle, sticking or freezing.
  • Lubricating conveyor belts, chutes and sliding surfaces and preventing products from sticking to them.
  • Lubricating and protecting pipes.
  • As an assembly aid for close fitting parts.
  • As a release agent for moulds.
  • Preventing squeaks and creaks from friction points between moving parts (especially those made from different materials like a metal to plastic join).
  • Lubricating rubber hoses, bumpers and wear strips in and around distribution lines and conveyors.
  • Lubricating and protecting knives, blades, needle points and cutting table surfaces.
Colour Colourless / Clear
Scent Odourless
Temperature Range -30°C to +250°C
Minimum Shelf-Life  24 Months
Approvals NSF H1
SKU SWM000386B01V0001
Model # 11351400
Brand Weicon