3M 468MP Double Sided Adhesive Transfer Tape - 6mm Wide x 45 Metres

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  • Thin (0.13mm), transparent double sided adhesive tape
  • High strength acrylic adhesive that works with a wide range of materials
  • Excellent high temperature performance, hot/cold cycle resistance and shear strength

3M 468MP Double Sided Adhesive Transfer Tape is a high quality double sided adhesive tape suitable for a range of uses. It’s very similar to our 3M 467MP with the primary difference being the thickness; 3M 468MP is 0.13mm thick while the 467MP is about half this (0.06mm). 

Like 467MP, 468MP is able to be used indoors and outdoors as it has very good UV resistance. It also uses the 3M 200MP high performance acrylic adhesive which allows it to bond very well to metals, many rubbers, industrial foams and high surface energy (HSE) plastics.

Each roll of 3M 468MP Double Sided Adhesive Transfer Tape is supplied with a tan, printed, 0.107mm thick Polycoated Kraft Paper Liner that removes cleanly and is moisture stable.
3M 468MP has outstanding chemical resistance and withstands splashes of organic solvents, weak acids and bases, salt water, cleaning solutions, germicidal compounds, disinfectants, oils and more. It performs well when exposed to varying humidity. 

This tape also has excellent temperature resistance. It can withstand temperatures between -40°C and 149°C (plus short-term spikes to 204°C). It also handles changes in temperature well and maintains its high bond strength through hot/cold cycles.

Due to the fact it is a slightly thicker grade of double sided adhesive transfer tape, 468MP is able to create very strong bonds to a variety of surface types. These typically exceed the strength of those achieved by thinner types that use the same adhesive and will increase in strength over time.

Applications for 3M 468MP Transfer Tape.

  • Antenna fastening and bonding
  • Securing and bonding batteries and electronic wiring
  • Sign making and fastening
  • Flex bonding
  • Electrical insulation attachment and securing
  • Layering gasket materials
  • Attaching foam gaskets during flange assembly
  • Wire and cable clip assembly
  • Permanent, long-term bonding of nameplates and graphic overlays
  • Card making and craft
  • Model making
  • Bracket assembly and wall mounting
Colour Clear / Transparent
Adhesive Type 200MP Firm Acrylic
Backing Material Acrylic
Liner Removable Polycoated Kraft Paper, 3M 468Mp Printed in Green
Adhesive Thickness 0.13mm
Liner Thickness 0.11mm
Continuous Temperature Rating 40°C to +149°C
Maximum Short-Term Temperature 204°C
Dielectric Strength 600 volts/mil
UV Resistance Excellent
Moisture Resistance Excellent
Plasticiser Resistance Low
Humidity Resistance Excellent
Adhesion to Surfaces
90° Peel, 72 Hour Dwell Time, 2 mil Aluminium Foil Backing
Adhesion to Aluminium 32 N / 25mm
Adhesion to Acrylic 19 N / 25mm
Adhesion to Glass 25 N / 25mm
Adhesion to Polycarbonate 18 N / 25mm
SKU SWM000038P01
Brand 3M

What should I do to prepare the surface before using 3M 468MP Adhesive Transfer Tape?

To ensure maximum bond strength, it is important that the surface be thoroughly cleaned and dried before you apply the tape. The exact type of cleaner you use depends on a) the type of material you are working with and b) how polluted it is.  No matter which way you go with the cleaner, make sure it is dried afterwards and before you place the tape.

If bonding to very smooth surfaces it can also be a good idea to scuff or roughen the surface a little. This increases the amount of surface area available for 467MP to bond to.

Can I use this tape in really cold environments?

It’s not suggested no. Ideally, the temperature of the materials being bonded and the surrounding environment during tape application will fall between 15°C and 38°C. Anything below 15°C and issues may occur with adhesion.

Can you supply die-cut 468MP pieces?

We can arrange it, yes. These are made to order so if you’d like us to arrange a quote please do contact us and we’ll sort one out.

Is there a removable liner on both sides or just one?

Just the one.

Can this tape be submerged in water?

We don’t suggest it immediately after the tape is applied but, once you’ve let the bonds form, yes it can. 3M state the following on their 2014 data sheet…

“Water Resistance – Immersion in water has no appreciable effect on the bond strength. After 100 hours at room temperature, the high bond strength is maintained.”