Acrylic Adhesives & MMAs (Structural Adhesives)

Easy-Mix PE-PP 45 - Adhesive for Polyethylene and Polypropylene

A professional-quality adhesive that can glue polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP) and almost all other plastics (plus metal). This MMA features an integrated primer, creates strong bonds and is very easy to use and apply.

From $81.27

Easy-Mix RK-7000 MMA Slow Curing Structural Acrylic Adhesive

A very high strength glue, our Easy-Mix RK-7000 MMA has an extended cure time and is highly viscous. It is highly compatible with plastic, metal, wood, ceramic and more. Highly viscous for use on vertical or complex bonding jobs.

From $45.95

RK-1300 Two-Part, No-Mix, High Strength Acrylic Glue

A very high strength adhesive that is perfect for joining metal sheets, ceramic, ferrites and many types of rigid plastic. RK-1300 Acrylic Glue is fast curing, very easy to use and creates strong bonds that will last.

From $35.50

RK-1500 Two-Part, No-Mix, High Strength Liquid Acrylic Adhesive

A very strong, lasting acrylic glue used for structural bonding. RK-1500 is a liquid MMA Adhesive that is highly compatible with metals, plastics, ceramic, glass and more. Easy to use with no complex mixing and exceptionally strong.

From $41.50