Refrasil Silica Insulation Tape - 1.5mm Thick x 50mm Wide (Per Metre)

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  • Industrial grade heat insulation tapes for extreme temperatures.
  • Available in a selection of thicknesses and widths; all by the lineal metre.
  • Woven from high purity silica yarns into tapes that will withstand 982°C (1,100°F).
  • Trusted for the most demanding insulation and protection applications.

Our Refrasil Tape range is designed to meet the needs of the most demanding heat insulation applications. Woven from high purity silica (>96%), these tapes have been proven to perform in numerous applications involving thermal insulation, energy saving, safety and electrical insulation.

Refrasil Tape is manufactured in the USA by Hitco, a division of SGL Carbon and has been trusted in all kinds of industries for decades. They have been proven to deliver a long service life and enhanced thermal performance which helps reduce maintenance cost and ensure consistent, reliable protection.

High Heat Insulation Tapes.

Like all of our Refrasil textile products, Refrasil Tapes are produced for high purity silica fibres (>96% SiOB2B). These tapes are suitable for use in applications with continuous temperatures up to 982°C (1800°F).

When exposed to sustained temperatures above 982°C, these tapes are subject to shrinkage.

Flexible and easy to handle.

Since they’re made from silica, Refrasil Tapes present none of the handling issues that can be found with fibreglass (e.g. skin irritation). These tapes are soft, conformable and very easy to apply around tight bends or irregular shaped objects. They also have good physical strength and tensile strength.

Durable with Good Chemical and Environmental Resistance.

All Refrasil high temperature insulation textiles are pure silica products with the heat insulation capabilities of a refractory material. Like the other styles in this family, Refrasil Tape is relatively inert and resists most chemicals.

These insulating tapes are resistant to oxidation and most corrosive solutions. They will not degrade in the presence of water.

Common Applications for Refrasil Tapes.

  • Providing high temperature thermal and electrical insulation for electric lead wires.
  • Instrumentation wire insulation.
  • Power cable wrapping, protecting and insulation.
  • Cooling hose wrap insulation.
  • Welding blanket edge and seam binding.
  • Mop curtains for continuous belt furnaces.
  • As a lagging tape for insulating pipes and equipment.

How to Buy Refrasil High Temperature Tapes Online.

All the sizes of Refrasil Tapes listed on our site are available by the linear metre. To buy, simply follow these steps:

  1. Select the thicknesses required (a link to the 3mm thick is included at the bottom of this page).
  2. Select the width.
  3. Decide on the number of metres needed, add this as your quantity and proceed through the check-out.

Full roll lengths for each size are listed below. For any orders less than a roll, we will attempt to supply in one single, continuous length.

Refrasil Tapes Full Roll Sizes

Thickness Width Full Roll Length
1.5mm (0.060") 25mm (1") 30 Metres
1.5mm (0.060") 50mm (2") 30 Metres
3.2mm (0.125") 25mm (1") 30 Metres
3.2mm (0.125") 50mm (2") 15 Metres
Colour White
Thicknesses 1.5mm (0.060" & 3.2mm (0.125")
Maximum Continuous Operating Temperature 982°C (1,800°F)
Melting Point >1,650°C
Silica Content of Base Fibre 96% Minimum
SKU SWM000490B01-1.5
Brand SGL Carbon