Sealon Adhesive PTFE Instant Gasket Tape 3mm Wide x 30 Metres

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  • 100% Pure Expanded Virgin PTFE with self-adhesive backing for easy placement.
  • Used to seal all shapes and sizes of flanges instantly.
  • Outstanding chemical resistance, seals at low bolt loads and withstands temperature to +315°C.

This roll of Sealon PTFE Tape is 5mm Wide x 20 Metres Long. Before it is compressed, it's about 2mm thick. Information on flange size suitability is included on the specifications tab and our Sealon e-PTFE Tape TDS which can be found on the media tab.

Sealon Adhesive PTFE Gasket Tape is a versatile, easy to use sealing tape that lets you make your own gaskets in an instant. It’s made from expanded PTFE which makes it very easy to shape and allows it to compress with only light bolt loads.

Sealon is an alternative to many cut-to-size gaskets. It’s supplied on a roll with a peel-off adhesive backing on one side to make placing it on the flange face easy. This also allows Sealon to be easily installed on vertical flanges and those with irregular faces.

Since it is made from pure, expanded PTFE; Sealon has a range of excellent sealing characteristics. These include outstanding resistance to temperature (-232°C to +315°C), excellent chemical resistance and very good sealing performance at low bolt loads.

Sealon Adhesive PTFE Gasket Tape is available in a variety of different size rolls to suit different sizes of flange. Once you’ve selected the size you need, installation is simple. Just position Sealon around the flange and overlap the two ends outwards past a bolt hole.

More information on installation as well as data on the technical characteristics of this instant gasket tape can be found on our Sealon Technical Data Sheet over on the media tab.

Typical Uses for our Adhesive PTFE Gasket Tape

  • Making instant, formed in place, gaskets for a wide range of flanges.
  • Sealing gas, potable water and food grade applications.
  • High and low temperature gaskets.
  • Sealing applications which require a high chemical resistance.
  • Making emergency gaskets during shutdowns or unplanned maintenance.

Size Guide for Standard Flange Sizes

Nominal Pipe Size
(ANSI B16.5)
Size of Sealon Gasket Tape
15NB, 20NB 3mm
25B, 32NB, 40NB 5mm
50NB - 90NB 7mm
100NB - 150NB 10mm
200NB - 400NB 14mm
450NB - 500NB 17mm
600NB - 900NB 20mm
900NB - 1500NB 25mm
>1500NB 50mm

Size Guide for Custom or Non-Standard Flange Sizes

Sealing Width Size of Sealon Gasket Tape
3mm - 7mm 3mm
8mm - 10mm 5mm
1mm - 17mm 7mm
19mm - 25mm 10mm
28mm - 37mm 14mm
40mm - 50mm  17mm
51mm - 63mm 20mm
64mm - 125mm 25mm
> 125mm 50mm

Technical Details and Specifications for Sealon Adhesive PTFE Gasket Tape

Colour White
Temperature Range -232°C to +315°C
Pressure Range Full Vacuum to 3,000 PSI
Chemical Compatabililty Fully Compatible through 0-14pH
(except elemental Fluorine & Molten Alkali Metals)
Specific Gravity 0.7 – 0.8 as supplied
compressed to 2 – 2.1 when installed
Matrix Tensile Strength ≤6800 PSI
Thermal Conductivity 0.2 BTU/hr-ft @ 0°C

Approvals for Sealon PTFE Gasket Tape


Sealon meets the following FDA requirements:
PTFE: FDA 21 CFR177.1550
Adhesive: FDA 21 CFR175.105

German Federation of Gas & Water Technology

According to DVGW No. G 88e 050, Sealon is suitable for the gas supply at internal pressure up to 16 bar (232 psig) in the temperature range from -10°C to 50°C.

German Institute for Material Research and Testing

According to BAM No. 13621/87 4-4625, there are no reflections against the usage of Sealon for the oxygen supply, sealing the flanges made of copper, copper alloy or steel at internal pressure up to 40 bar (580 psig) in the temperature up to 60°C.

Technical Supervisory Federation of Bavaria, Germany, Materials and Structural Engineering Division, Quality Monitoring.

According to TÜV No. 191604, MP3/7381, the characters of the sealing values are as per Chart 1 & Chart 2 (on the technical data sheet).

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